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LITES Race 4 - Wiscasset Speedway - 6-1-24
Race 3 - NL-W Speedbowl - SHANE - 5-25-24
LITES Race 2 - Monadnock - 5-4-24
Race 1 - Claremont MP - 4-27-24 


2023 NEMA Banquet - 3-23-24
LITES Race 12 - Thompson SMP - 10-8-23
Race 11 - Lee USA Oktoberfest - 9-30-23
Race 10 - Star Classic - 9-16-32
Race 9 - Wiscasset Speedway - 9-3-23
Race 8 - Monadnock - Iron Mike - 8-26-23
Race 7 - NLWS - Angelillo - 8-19-23
Race 6 - Seekonk - Boston Louie - 7-15-23
LITES Race 5 - Seekonk - OWW - 6-28-23
LITES Race 4 - Hudson - O'Brien - 6-18-23
Race 3 - NL-W Speedbowl - SHANE - 6-10-23
LITES Race 2 - Lee USA - 5-27-23
LITES Race 1 - Monadnock - 5-6-23
2022 NEMA Banquet - 3-25-23
NEMA Announces
Contingency Awards
Presented by
Seymour Performance Products
The Northeastern Midget Association has announced that Seymour Performance Products (SPP ) will be presenting contingency awards from some of the most prominent names in the industry on a race by race basis to NEMA competitors. The NEMA LITES kick off their season at the Thompson Motorsports Park ICEBREAKER on April 11, and the combined group kicks off the season at LEE USA Speedway on May 15th.

"We really wanted to determine a way to give back more to the NEMA community," said SPP owner, Bobby Seymour. "We partnered with some of the best names in the motorsports industry to provide generous contingency awards to our NEMA Midgets and NEMA LITES teams on a weekly basis. This should drive excitement for our competitors and also brand loyalty to our sponsors," he said.

"The entire club thanks Bobby, Matt and the SPP team, as well as all of the contingency sponsors, for this great initiative," said club President, Tim Bertrand. "We are excited to increase engagement with the brands who have been so loyal to motorsports, and also give back to our competitors," he said.
The following partners will be
providing cash and product
to NEMA competitors:


"The Friends of Mike Rivard"
NEMA LITES/NEMA Midgets heat races will be sponsored by Sunoco Racing Fuels.

Each NEMA Midgets and NEMA LITES heat winner will receive 5 gals of Sunoco Racing Fuel.
Industry Sponsors who will be
supplying Gift Certificates:









The contingency awards
will be as follows:
NEMA LITES Feature Winner will receive a $50 gift certificate from one of the participating sponsors, of their choice.

2nd and 9th place finishers will receive a $50 gift certificate from one of the participating sponsors, of their choice.

The 3rd and 7th place in Lites will each be awarded $50 cash from "The Friends of Mike Rivard"

The NEMA LITES Hard Charger will receive a $25 gift certificate and $25 cash from MPD Racing.

The new "Future Stars" will be determined before the start of the season. These participants will compete at each event for an additional $50 cash award from Seymour Performance.
NEMA Midgets Feature Winner will receive a $50 gift certificate from one of the participating sponsors, of their choice.

2nd and 9th place finishers will receive a $50 gift certificate from one of the participating sponsors, of their choice.

The NEMA Midgets Hard Charger will receive a $50 gift certificate from Valco Wheels.
At each event SPP, will have a
representative distribute cash
and gift certificates. Certificates
will be redeemable at Seymour
Performance Products.


Jeff Horn
182 Pond St.
Ashland, MA 01721
Hitch & Trailer Specialists


Specializing in Finer Imports

(508) 697-5921
1460 Pleasant St. (Route 104)
Bridgewater, MA 02234

Jon Andruk

174 CID Ford Head Gaerte - $16,500




Gene Angelillo Memorial Page


NEMA and Hoosier Tire
Ink Exclusive Deal
Brockton, MA  -  NEMA announced that the Northeastern Midget Association and Hoosier Tire East have inked an exclusive, three year deal. Under the deal, NEMA will have exclusive rights in the Northeast to the current plated compounds (RR 7, 7.3, RF 5, LR, 5 and LF, 4, 5) and will be the only series in the Northeast running these particular tires.

Hoosier will also continue to be a major contributor to the NEMA point fund, and in addition have offered fixed pricing for the racer over the next three years.

“NEMA has enjoyed a long history with Hoosier. This sport is about supporting those who take care of you, and supporting each other. We feel that we have the best product in Hoosier and look forward to a long relationship with them,” said NEMA President, Mike Scrivani.

As part of the arrangement, Hoosier tire has selected long time NEMA supporter Seymour Enterprises to be the exclusive dealer and service provider to the Northeastern Midget Association.

SATURDAY, JUNE 15th - 6:00 PM

Late Models Slingshots
Street Stocks Six Shooters
Pits Open at 3:30 PM Gen. Adm. at 4:00 PM
Practice at 4:30 PM First Race at 6:00 PM
SUNDAY, JUNE 16th - 1:15 PM

Sportsman Modifieds Super Streets
Ridge Runners Six Shooters Pure Stocks
Pit Pass: $40.00
Pits Open 10:00 AM Gates Open 11:30 AM
Hot Laps At 12:05 PM Racing Starts 1:15 PM
General Admission: $15.00 Adults
$10.00 Seniors (65+) & Military (with proof)
$5.00 Juniors (Ages 6-12)
Free Admission for Ages 11 & under
The NEMA has teamed with Hudson Speedway to conduct a driver meet and greet Sunday, June 16 in the grandstand area. The stars of the NEMA LITES division will be on hand for autographs and go one on one with race fans. Drivers will be signing photographs and hero cards just prior to the 50 lap Jim O'Brien Memorial race held annually at the speedway. 2 PM is the approximate time for this event so don't miss out.
SATURDAY, JUNE 1st, 2024


1st: PAUL SCALLY #30
Photos by Jasen Dickey

Navigate to the "Group 1 Race Day - 6/1/2024" album
and then the NEMA LITE sub album.
Pos. # Driver  Hometown Owner
1 30 Paul Scally Raynham, MA Paul Scally
2 47 Randy Cabral Kingston, MA Randy Cabral
3 17 Kyle Valeri Monument Beach, MA Peter Valeri
4 2 Joe Bailey Monroe, NJ Nick Poe
5 53 Dylan Coutu Griswold, CT Ron Coutu
6 8 Ethan Dion Oakdale, CT Stephen, Dion
7 59 Brayden Egan Ashford, CT Eric Egan
8 28 Mike Pernesiglio Ronkonkoma, NY Pete Penesiglio Sr.
9 94 Tiana Kibbe Fairfield, CT Curt Kibbe
10 88 Tyson Adamik Salem, CT Tom Adamik
11 44 Trent Goodrow Carver, MA William Keller
12 35 Glen Cabral Plymouth, MA Glen Cabral
Heat 1 - 17, 8, 94, 44, 53, 35
Heat 2 - 30, 2, 47, 59, 28, 88

Scally Wins the Ames True Value
NEMA Night at Wiscasset Speedway

Wiscasset, ME - The past weekend, the NEMA LITES traveled to the biggest and fastest track in Maine, Wiscasset Speedway for the Ames True Value NEMA Night. Drivers, owners, and members of the club were greeted with welcoming and friendly smiles from track owners, Vanessa and Richard Jordan as well their entire staff.

When the cars and stars took the track on Saturday afternoon for their heat races, the winners, Kyle Valeri in the Valeri Motorsports #17 and Paul Scally in the #30 were awarded an additional $100 courtesy of Seymour Performance Products. In addition, we saw Glenn Cabral, the 1990 NEMA rookie of the year return behind the seat to pilot the #35.

Before the drivers belted into their cars for the spotlight event of 60 laps, drivers were introduced by NEMA's own announcer, Pete Falconi, in victory lane for outside driver introductions.

Ethan Dion in the #8 alongside Brayden Egan in the Egan Motorsports #59 led the field to 60 green flag laps. Going into turn one, Dion, led the field while Tiana Kibbe in the Kibbe Racing #94 and Egan battled for second as the two raced side by side going down the backstretch and into turn three. But coming to the front stretch and into turn one, Kibbe took over second but Egan remained close on her back bumper.

On the following lap going down the front stretch, Paul Scally in the #30, looked to the outside of Egan and remained on his back corner until turn three where Scally was able to make the pass for third over Egan. Scally now had his eyes set on second place Kibbe while Dion continued to lead the field by nearly five car lengths.

Coming down the front stretch on lap 4, a battle for second between Kibbe and Scally occurred as Scally once again took the highline going into one and would drive up alongside Kibbe going into turn three but Kibbe was able to hold off Scally. As Scally ducked back behind Kibbe going down the backstretch, just as 3 car battle for second occurred between Kibbe, Scally, and Randy Cabral in the #74. While on lap 7, Scally was able to take the high line coming out of turn two to take second. On the same lap, Cabral was able to get a run going out of turn three to take over third from Kibbe going down the front stretch.

Over the next several laps, Scally was on the chase to close the gap between him and first place Dion. On lap 11, Scally on the move, was able to work the high groove and was on the back bumper of Dion attempting to take over first. But Dion was able to continue his run and hold Scally off and regain a four car lengths gap between the two.

While Dion continued to lead over Scally, Cabral, and Kibbe. On lap 12, we saw a battle occur for fifth place between Egan and Kyle Valeri in the Valeri Motorsports #17. While going into turn three, Valeri took the high groove to drive up alongside Egan going down the front stretch where Valeri was able to take over fifth going into turn one. Valeri, now on the move, looked to the outside of Kibbe to make the pass on lap 16 and on the following lap, going into turn one, Valeri was able to take over the fourth position.

As several laps passed, Dion continued to lead the pack followed by Scally and Cabral and on lap 21, Scally once again worked up to the back bumper of Dion. On the following lap, going down the backstretch Scally drove up alongside Dion, to take the low line going into turn three to take the lead going down the front stretch to lead lap 23.

Once Scally took the lead, he began to drive away, Dion was now in a battle for second between him and Cabral. As Cabral took the low line going into turn one on the following lap, to take second over Dion. Cabral, now set his eyes on closing the half a straightaway gap between him and first place Scally.

Over the next few laps, as Scally continued to lead over Cabral, Dion, and Valeri, we saw a tight battle for the fifth through eighth positions from Kibbe, Egan, Joey Bailey in the #2, and Dylan Coutu in the Redline Motorsports #53 as they all raced nose to tail.

As the field spread out amongst themselves, on lap 30, Scally extended his lead to nearly a straightway over Cabral and Dion, as Valeri was on the move and tracking down Dion.

On lap 33, going down the backstretch, Bailey took the low line away from Egan going into turn three to take over the sixth position and was now on the move to break into the top five over Kibbe. While on the next lap, Coutu was able to take the low line going into turn one to take over seventh over Egan.

While on lap 38, Valeri had now worked his way to the back bumper of third place, Dion, and going down the backstretch, drove up alongside Dion where the two raced side by side, but going down the front stretch, Valeri took over third by his front nose.

As Scally held nearly a four second lead over Cabral, Valeri worked to close the distance between him and second place.

Over the next several laps, we saw a tight battle once again for fifth between Kibbe and Bailey, as Bailey was on the back bumper of Kibbe and eventually on lap 43, Bailey was able to take the low line coming out of turn two to take over the fifth position.

While on lap 45, Coutu was able to get a run going into turn one, to drive up alongside Kibbe for sixth, where the two raced side by side going down the backstretch, but Coutu was able to continue his run to take over sixth.

On lap 50, Scally continued to drive away while navigating through lapped traffic to maintain his straightaway lead over Cabral and Valeri. While on lap 52, Bailey raced his way to the back bumper of Dion to make the pass to take over the fourth position.

While on lap 56, going down the backstretch, Coutu drove up alongside Dion to break into the top 5.

As the checkered flag flew for Scally on lap 60, he ran away from the rest of the field, leading the pack by nearly half a lap, followed by Cabral, and Valeri to round out the top 3.

In a post-race interview, Scally commented on his win, "It is such an honor to win at this track. The Jordans, Vanessa and Richard, work so hard to give us a great facility and it's first class. It is truly an honor to win here."

In victory lane, the outstanding performance award was given to Randy Cabral for his drive to finish in 2nd from his 9th place starting position. In addition, a gift certificate to Bentley's Saloon was given to a lucky fan.

To round out the top 10 where strong finishes by Paul Scally #30, Randy Cabral #47, Kyle Valeri #17, Joey Bailey #2, Dylan Coutu #53, Ethan Dion #8, Brayden Egan #59, Mike Pernesiglio #28, Tiana Kibbe #94, and Tyson Adamik #88.

The NEMA LITES take the next weekend off, but look forward to their double header race weekend at Star Speedway on Saturday, June 15th and Hudson Speedway for the Jim O'Brien Memorial at Hudson Speedway on Sunday, June 16th. This action packed race weekend is not one you will want to miss! We hope to see you there!
2024 NEMA Membership Form 

The Big Cars of the Northeastern Midget Association present the

$2500 Cash Prize for Top New Owner
Chuck supported NEMA for over two decades, earning victories as car owner and reviving midget racing in the northeast as President. His spirit, ingenuity, and passion live on in NEMA as we are proud to present this award in his honor.  To qualify for this special award, new owners must meet all of the following criteria:
Be a full NEMA registered car owner for the 2024 season.
Be a new owner who has never raced with a registered full NEMA midget in the past, OR a veteran NEMA owner who has not competed with a full NEMA midget in the last 10 years.

Compete in at least 75% of the full NEMA division feature races.

Earn the most points in the full NEMA championship point standings among other qualifying new owners.

Qualified new owners will be at the discretion of the
contest board prior to the start of the 2024 race season.

Sponsored by

Vivo Arch — Bringing Design to Life

Dylan and Dan Rock's podium finish at the '23 Iron Mike Memorial race
(John DaDalt Photo)

Rock Racing Finds Success with
Investment in NEMA’s Big Cars

Two years ago, Dan Rock and his son, Dylan, were at a crossroads. They were only a few parts away from completing their collection to build their new NEMA LITES midget when they shifted gears for an even bigger adventure - the mighty midgets of NEMA's big car division.

Dylan Rock began his racing career like many young aspiring racecar drivers, by running go karts and mini-sprints in the hills of New Hampshire with his Dad. The father-son team earned success and turned heads at both levels, opening the door for Dylan to chauffeur a modified with VMRS, a series founded by Dylan's grandfather, Jack Bateman. It wasn't long before the then-16-year-old found victory lane at Claremont Motorsports Park in 2016. Their success continued for the next few years, highlighted by a podium finish in the 2019 MRS point standings. That same year Dylan was named Most Improved Driver. After a couple more seasons with MRS, the wear and tear and intense work regimen associated with racing an open wheeled modified was proving to be too much for this father/son crew, who pride themselves in doing all their own work, and most importantly, doing it together. They struggled with the manpower and the economics of modified racing. This drove them to make a change.

Since the early days of swinging dirt with the Mini sprints up at Bear Ridge Speedway, the Rock racing team has had respect and a curiosity for the pavement series of the Northeastern Midget Association (NEMA), which is comprised of two divisions - the LITES and the original, full midgets, a.k.a. big cars. As spectators, they have always appreciated the speed, the clean racing, the comradery amongst the club members, and the history associated with the club that has been pounding the pavement of New England short tracks for over 70 years. So that winter, they began their transition with their eye on the seemingly more affordable division of NEMA, the Ford Focus powered NEMA LITES.

Dan, an automotive technician and Dylan, a journeyman electrician, were under the impression that to compete with NEMA's full midget division, you had to have super deep pockets. They acquired a Hawk chassis, a front axle, rear end, tail tank and even a focus motor plate as they began building their new LITES midget. While scouring the midget classifieds, they could not help noticing the trend of used Esslinger and Gaerte midget motors for sale online for surprisingly little investment, often less than $10K. After doing the math and much contemplation, they realize that competing with NEMA's full series was not out of reach as they originally thought. A complete used Esslinger motor package, including the rebuild, would run them less than $20K. This was obviously more money than the new Focus motor for the Lite, but they also weighed the cost of tires, fuel, travel, and the wear and tear of running a 15-16 race schedule with the LITES, compared to the 8-9 races with the big car series. They realized that the big picture cost was a difference of "hundreds" of dollars, not "thousands", contrary to popular perception. With that newfound knowledge, they sold off their Ford Focus parts and acquired an Esslinger motor, freshened it up, and focused on competing with the big car division of NEMA for 2022.

They spent their debut season learning the ropes, adjusting to a new driving style, and absorbing as much knowledge and advice as possible from the car and from fellow competitors one race at a time. By the end of the season, they had racked up enough good finishes to earn a top 10 in the NEMA Championship point standings. Dylan's steady driving and progression earned him the prestigious NEMA Rookie of the Year award. According to the driver, Dylan was not surprised by the learning curve, but was taken back by the sheer fun and thrill of finessing the wheel of a 375 HP, 1000-pound, lightning fast, open wheel race car.

"I couldn't believe how deep I could drive the midget into the turn and then just blast down the straight...and because of the size difference, there just seems to be much more racetrack with the midget than the modified!"

The following winter they swapped their Hawk chassis with a Beast to transport their Esslinger powerplant. They immediately found success kicking off the 2023 season with a podium finish at NEMA's big Midget opener, which was the Shane Hammond Memorial at Waterford Speedbowl. They would go on to earn two more, in addition to multiple top-five finishes. They even closed out the season with a second place at Lee USA's Oktoberfest. These strong runs earned them a very respectful 3rd and 4th place in the NEMA Owner and Driver Championships point standings in only their sophomore year. It's safe to say Dan Rock has no regrets with their switch from LITES to Full NEMA. Dan was quoted as saying:

"The LITES are a great division, but ultimately, we wanted to run a full midget. It just made more sense for us coming from the mods and for Dylan's development as a driver.... I just really want other racers to know how doable it is."

Dan and Dylan Rock admit to feeling right at home with NEMA. They can't help but thank all the folks who have helped them get this journey started, including Tim Bertrand, Mike Horn, Seymour Performance, and Circle Performance - just to name a few - but most of all they can't wait to hit the track next spring!
Photo by John DaDalt
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