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LITES Race - Wiscasset Speedway - 9-23-17

LITES Race - NL-W Speedbowl - 9-9-17
Race 9 - Monadnock Speedway - 9-2-17

LITES Race - NL-W Speedbowl - 8-26-17

Race 8 - Star Speedway - 8-19-17

Race 7 - NL-W Speedbowl - 8-12-17

NEMA Race - Thompson SMP - 8-9-17

LITES Race - Speedway 51 - 7-29-17

LITES Race - Seekonk - 7-15-17

Race 6 - Star Speedway - 7-8-17

Race 5 - Boston Louie - Seekonk - 6-28-17

Race 4 - Star Speedway - 6-17-17

LITES Race - Thompson SMP - 6-14-17

Race 3 - Riverhead Raceway - 6-3-17

Race 2 - Wiscasset Speedway - 5-20-17

Race 1 - Star Speedway - 5-13-17

LITES Race - Thompson SMP - 4-8-17

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In 2006, Dave Shore from Southbury, CT. started VMR to help keep vintage midget racing alive. Anyone who has a caged vintage car, and would like to run with us, please contact:
Dave Shore at 203-509-2835.    
2017 VMR Dates at the VMR website.


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NEMA Releases Vintage
Slide Show on DVD
The Northeastern Midget Association announces the release of NEMA Vintage photo's on DVD. The presentation is from the collection of one of the most respected journalist, historians and statisticians in New England, Pete Zanardi.

The range of drivers, owners, tracks and race cars depicted in the collection are the who's who in Northeastern midget racing. The forefathers that laid the foundation for present day racing are illustrated in color and black and white photo's complete with captions. Bill Randall, Ray Roberts, Ronnie Evans and Jerry Russo just to name a few drivers from NEMA's infancy.

The early cage days drivers are represented by Bill Roth, Lee Smith, Hank Stevens and Len Thrall for example. And to finish out the last couple of decades are the Fornoros, Stoehrs, Scrivanis, Seymours and many many more. The cars are as big as the drivers on this DVD that range from the Badgers to the uprights, cage and cageless, even some Offy's.

The DVD is 332 pictures strong and is a must for any early day racing enthusiast.

The cost is $20 each with all proceeds going directly to NEMA to help carry on the rich traditions these early pioneers built.

Payment can be made through PayPal    HERE
to rewindles@sbcglobal.net or by sending a check or money order (payable to NEMA) as well as your name and address to Bill Van Slyke,
23 Horsestable Cir., Shelton, Ct. 06484.


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NEMA LITES T-Shirts are available for purchase. The LITES shirts are available in 3 colors - white, gray and royal blue. They come with either the NEMA LITES logo only on the front or with 2 logos - NEMA LITES on the front and regular NEMA logo on the back. The white shirts are $10. The gray or blue are $12. The new LITES t-shirts can be at The Race  Depot/ Seymour Enterprises in Marlboro Mass or are available from Cyndy Scrivani.

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NEMA and Hoosier Tire
Ink Exclusive 3 Year Deal
Brockton, MA  -  NEMA President, Mike Scrivani, announced today that the Northeastern Midget Association and Hoosier Tire East have inked an exclusive, three year deal. Under the deal, NEMA will have exclusive rights in the Northeast to the current plated compounds (RR 7, 7.3, RF 5, LR, 5 and LF, 4, 5) and will be the only series in the Northeast running these particular tires.

Hoosier will also continue to be a major contributor to the NEMA point fund, and in addition have offered fixed pricing for the racer over the next three years.
“NEMA has enjoyed a long history with Hoosier. This sport is about supporting those who take care of you, and supporting each other. We feel that we have the best product in Hoosier and look forward to a long relationship with them,” said NEMA President, Mike Scrivani. “We have an exciting schedule brewing for 2015 and expect great car counts,” said Scrivani.

As part of the arrangement, Hoosier tire has selected long time NEMA supporter Seymour Enterprises to be the exclusive dealer and service provider to the Northeastern Midget Association.


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NEMA Releases Robust 2018
Series Touring Schedule
At its annual awards banquet, Northeastern Midget Association President, Tim Bertrand, released the club's 2018 schedule to the membership as he recapped the 2017 season. Thirteen combined NEMA/NEMA Lite shows, and four "Lites Only" shows highlight a season that brings NEMA back to many of its familiar, historic "haunts."

"We plan to play off of the success that we had in the 2017 season, as a club. We had strong car counts in the 30-35 range every week, with a season high of nearly 50 cars at the Boston Louie event," said club President, Bertrand. "I see us only continuing to gain momentum for 2018. We've got a number of new teams coming into the Lite series, and continue to see our car counts improve with the NEMA division," said Bertrand.

NEMA starts its season at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park's annual ICEBREAKER event, with a Lites only race. The club then moves on to its annual "Test & Tune" at the New London Waterford Speedbowl on Sunday, April 22nd.

"Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park has enjoyed its great partnership with with the Northeastern Midget Association. For the past several seasons, they have provided some of the most exciting competition at Thompson and we are delighted to welcome them back in 2018," said Chief Operating Officer & GM of the Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, Josh Vanada.

The combined group kicks off its season at the New London Waterford Speedbowl's "Blastoff" event on May 5th, which highlights its first of four combined events at the Speedbowl.

"I'm really excited about 2018, and having the NEMA cars back. They put on great shows for us in 2017, and we're looking forward to seeing more of that in 2018,"said GM of the New London Waterford Speedbowl, George Whitney.

The Lites then move on to Star Speedway on May 19th, with a Lites only show.

The combined group then moves on to Wiscassett Speedway on June 2nd, starting a busy stretch in June - the first of two shows there, and to the famed Riverhead Raceway on June 9th. The Lites then race at Thompson on June 13th with the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

The Butch Walsh Memorial then highlights the schedule on June 16th at Star Speedway, and June concludes with the Boston Louie Memorial at Seekonk Speedway's Open Wheel Wednesday on Wednesday June 27th.

July 14th will be the always popular Iron Mike Scrivani Memorial at the Monadnock Speedway, and July 21st Star Speedway will host the Marvin Rifchin Memorial.

The Lites then travel back to the Waterford Speedbowl on July 28th for a 50 lap event celebrating the late Jim O'Brien, and NEMA goes to Thompson on August 8th for a NEMA only event with the Whelen Modified Tour. August 11th will be a combined show at the New London Waterford Speedbowl for its annual Wings & Wheels event with the ISMA Super Modifieds, and the club will celebrate the late Gene and Marilyn Angelillo at this event.

The Lites travel back to Star Speedway on September 1st, for a Lites Only event, and the combined group will be back to Wiscassett Speedway for a special extra distance event on September 8th.

The combined group then travels back to the Waterford Speedbowl for an open wheel extravaganza with the Modified Racing Series.

October concludes the season for the club, with the Shane Hammond Memorial at Thompson's World Series of Racing, and the New London Waterford Speedbowl the following weekend for their season ending event.

SATURDAY December 2, 2017
Royal Plaza Hotel,
181 Boston Post Road West,
Marlboro, MA 01752

Cocktails at 6:00 PM Dinner & Awards at 7:00 PM
DJ & Dancing around 9:00 PM
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Bertrand Continues
To Write NEMA Story
Celebrating his sixth Northeastern Midget Association owners championship, Tim Bertrand fielded the question with ease. Where, he was asked, does he see himself in NEMA history?

A logical inquiry considering in addition to the titles (all with driver Randy Cabral), Bertrand has had 66 wins with 10 drivers since 2002, a list that starts with himself driving. He had five cars in 2017, - three of them, including Cabral's #74 championship car, were in the top four in final points. Another was eighth. The fifth was a Lites entry. All were winners.

"I really don't think about our place," says Bertrand, who also serves as club president. "We are still in the process of writing a story. I'll know in my heart when it is time for the story to end. When it does, I believe it will be in line with others like Dave Humphrey and the Gene Angelillo/Drew Fornoro combination."

This success comes after the near miss in 2016 when an injury in a Pro-4 race resulted in Cabral, who had the point lead, missing the final NEMA feature. "Just kind of was what it was," Bertrand offers. "Randy and I had an agreement concerning other rides. He is a racer and that's what racers do."

While Bertrand claims to believe "everything happens for a reason" he, at the same time insists, "the better the job you do during the winter, the more likely you'll have success in the summer." Therein is the story of a historic season.

Last year, Cabral was having some problems with the #47 while the #74, both Lindblad/Drinan chassis, was successful with several drivers. Explaining "sometimes different eyes see things differently," Bertrand turned the #74 over to the Cabrals and spent the winter with the #47.

Early on, the #74 struggled while "the 47 hardly finished off the podium" including a win by Justin Bonsignore at Riverhead, a podium with Doug Coby at the Boston Louie and a pair of 2nd's with Indiana driver Kyle Hamilton. After fixing some shock and setup problems, Cabral caught fire at midseason and finished strong, the car ending up 32 points better than the Jim Chambers #21. The 25 year old Gaerte-powered Bertrand #39, twice a winner with Avery Stoehr aboard, was third and the #47 fourth despite missing two races. The World Series winner #48, Todd Bertrand's ride, was eighth. Todd also had a Lites win in the "company car." All that was in addition to the club presidency.

"Team work," Bertrand answers the obvious 'how?' inquiry. The #39 and the #47 "live" at Tim's house where fellow competitor Seth Carlson was a very helpful part of the crew this summer. The Stoehr family, no strangers to the Gaerte engine, also played a role with the #39. The Cabrals housed the 74 while the #48 was at Todd's house where father Gil played a role. "Bertrand," however, is on all of them.

This year Stoehr, Bonsignore and Carlson joined a list of Bertrand winners that starts with Cabral and Todd and includes Mark Buonomo, Lou Cicconi Jr., Doug Coby, Joey Payne.

The past season was a great chapter in an already great story.

2017 NEMA Midgets Points

1 Bertrand Motorsports #74, 1419, 2. Mike Chambers #21, 1377, 3. Bertrand Motorsports #39, 1317, 4. Bertrand Motorsports #47, 1235, 5. Mike Chambers #7, 1187, 6. John Zych #9, 1174, 7. Paul Scally #30, 1089, 8. Gil Bertrand #48, 877, 9. Gene Feigel #71, 722, 10. Greg Stoehr #5b, 759
300-MENA-ALONE-Logo.jpg (12577 bytes)
Cabral Acknowledges Help
In Capturing NEMA Crown
Randy Cabral has six Northeastern Midget Association driver championships including the 2017 trophy. He appreciates each and declines comparing them. And he understands his place in NEMA history and is aware of how he got there.

The latest crown came in a season where the 38-year old school teacher almost quit, actually suggesting owner Tim Bertrand "put somebody else in the car." This title, he insists, is the result of the "emotional support" of Bertrand, who also celebrated his sixth championship, and the dogged determination of his father and crew chief Glenn Cabral.

After back-to-back midseason wins at Star and Thompson, Cabral finished with four-straight top-fours including two seconds. He and Bertrand finished 42 points in front of driver/owner Jim Chambers. Cabral, a winner for a record 18 straight seasons, also moved into third on NEMA's all-time win list.

"This one is gratifying considering a year ago I was in a hospital bed knowing one was slipping away," Cabral says. "I wanted to get Tim what got away from us last year." An injury in a Pro-4 race kept him out of the 2016 NEMA final, allowing John Zych Jr. to overtake him.

This season didn't start well. After much success in the #47, Cabral moved into Bertrand's #74 this year, a car that was very successful with a number of drivers the year before. "We couldn't get the car to handle," he recalls. "The "#74 did so well for everybody else the year before and I couldn't pass a car. It got into my head and I told Tim to try another driver. He kept saying "it's the car, not you."

Cabral had a sixth and two sevenths after four races when Glenn "went back to the drawing board." After a fifth at the Boston Louis, he won back-to-back at Star and Thompson setting up the strong finish. While he freely admits fortune played a part (leader Seth Carlson had a tire go down with two to go), he points to the Star victory as the turning point. "It was the Butch Walsh Memorial, one of the few Memorials I hadn't won," he says."

Despite the start, the #74 didn't have a DNF, "a credit to my father," Cabral says. While it is one of four cars in the Bertrand Motorsports stable, Glenn Cabral turns the wrenches. Father and son are a Lites team as well, an activity that brings joy to Glenn ("he likes being a car owner") and more seat time for Randy ("you can't get enough seat time.")

The consecutive years streak, he says, "is actually more important to my father," says Cabral. His first wins came in his father's car and "the third and fourth year we didn't win until late in the year. I remember he was so concerned that we hadn't won yet."

The Thompson win was his 51st, moving him past Russ Stoehr into third. "I never imagined I would see that," he says. "I've been going to races since I was a kid and I've seen so many good drivers struggle to win in these cars." He sees the two ahead of him - National Midget Hall of Famers Drew Fornoro and Dave Humphrey - "in a class of their own and just to be mentioned in the same sentence is like a dream come true."

2017 NEMA Midgets Points

Drivers (Wins)
1. Randy Cabral (2) 1419, 2. Jim Chambers (1) 1377, 3. Avery Stoehr (2) 1317, 4. Alan Chambers 1187, 5. John Zych Jr. (2) 1174, 6. Paul Scally (1) 1089, 7. Seth Carlson (1) 1065, 8. Todd Bertrand (1) 877, 9. Bethany Stoehr 759, 10. Jim Santa Maria 722.
Family, Consistency Drive
NEMA Lites Champ Cugini

A half-dozen years ago, the Hawk chassis showed up in Dan Cugini’s garage. His father (Glenn) and uncle (Don) asked Dan if he wanted to drive it. He said yes.

Driving that same Focus-powered No. 51, Cugini captured the 2017 Northeastern Midget Association Lites Division driver and owner championships. He is nothing if not consistent. Working with his father in the garage – “we plan on two nights a week but it usually turned out to be four” – remains his “greatest joy.” Mom Kathy, sister and fellow driver Meg and brother Joey, are part of it too.

That consistency carries over to the track. There were 17-point paying Lites races in 2017. Cugini won twice (once in tech) but had eight podium finishes, was in the top five 15 times and fell out of the top seven only once when mechanical woes resulted in a 16th at Star Speedway in July.

He puts the championship on the same level with his “full-midget” win at Wiscasset back in 2015. It was not easy, ending up 93 points better than Jim Chambers in the driver’s battle (who missed an event) and a scant 23 over Chambers in the owners rundown. There were 12 different winners in what could be described as the best season for the 10-year-old division. “We had veterans and youth, growing car counts, so many possible winners,” Cugini boasts.

The 25-year old Marshfield, MA resident then capped the season with an incredible weekend, finishing first (without the wing) and second (with it) at Dominion Speedway in Virginia on Saturday (with the same car) and chasing Randy Cabral home to second in a non-point affair at New London Waterford Speedbowl on Sunday.

“We didn’t have a great start,” says Cugini, pointing to crew chief Chris Derosiers passing away after the season opener at Thompson. “Chris was the brains of the operation. Then Matt and Bobby Seymour stepped in and they were there all season. We couldn’t have done it with them. It was such an honor to have them in our pit this year.”

Second at the Icebreaker and a win (in tech) gave Cugini the points lead after two races and he kept it with a streak of strong finishes before losing it with the 16th at Star. The comeback started with a win at Seekonk – “the biggest of the season”- but he didn’t regain it until Sept. 9 with a fifth behind Richie Coy at Waterford. Both title races were in doubt heading into the Icebreaker.

Cugini also drove a Max Zachem car in the Whelen NASCAR Modified Series at the World Series. Starting 25th, he was running seventh when he collected in an accident (“I was walled.”) Still, he was “very happy” with the effort and despite declaring “there is nothing like driving a Midget, nothing more fun,” Modifieds may be in the future.

Zachem dates Meg and was part of the Virginia venture. Family connections, long a NEMA feature, are special for Cugini. “They are everywhere,” he says pointing to father and son Bobby and Matt Seymour with nephew/cousin Ben Mitkitarian.

The Cugini family now owns three Lites titles - An Owner’s champion in 2013. Dan was out of the top 10 only once in 17 races that year with four podiums. Family and consistency is an established Cugini trademark.

2017 NEMA LITES Points

Drivers (Wins)
1. Dan Cugini, 2224 (2), 2. Jim Chambers, 2131 (2), 3. Ryan Locke, 1967; 4. Ben Mikitarian 1794 (2), 5. Randy Cabral 1691 (1), 6. Paul Scally 1669 (1), 7. Jim Cataldo 1518, 8. Richie Coy 1482 (1), 9. Christopher Vose 1244, 10. Dennis O’Brien 1202. Other winners: Todd Bertrand, Chad LaBastie, Dylan Duhaime (3), Anthony Payne, Jake Stergois, Ryan Bigelow.

1. Dan Cugini 2224, 2. Jim Chambers 2201, 3. John Locke 1967, 4. John Mikitarian 1794, 5. Glenn Cabral 1691, 6. Paul Scally 1669; 7. Mike Scrivani 1490, 8. Richie Coy 1482, 9. Jim Cataldo 1282, 10. Christopher Vose 1244.


NEMA LITES Waterford Results -- a GREAT field on hand, 17 cars -- top 4 were Randy Cabral, Danny Cugini, Todd Bertrand and Jake Trainor. Thanks to all the teams who hustled back from VA to put together a great field for George R Whitney and his crew at the Bowl! Thanks to George for having us.
Pos. # Driver  Hometown Owner
1 35 Randy Cabral Kingston, MA  Glen Cabral
2 51 Dan CuginI Marshfield, MA Dan Cugini
3 45 Todd Bertrand Danielson, CT Bertrand Motorsports
4 8T Jake Trainor Medway, MA Mike Trainor
5 9 Ben Mikitarian Northborough, MA John Mikitarian
6 88 Ryan Locke Raymond, NH  Ken Locke
7 99 Jim Santa Maria Burlington, CT Jim Santa Maria
8 19 Richard Coy Haskell, NJ Richard Coy
9 68 Danny Gamache Smithfield, RI Danny Gamache
10 7 Jim Cataldo Sterling, MA Jim Cataldo
11 3 Chris Vose Gloversville, NY Chris Vose
12 36 Richie Evans - Glen Cabral
13 16 Dennis O'Brien Deerfield, NH Chris O'Brien
14 84 Kyle Valeri Monument Beach, MA Peter Valeri
15 52 Kevin Park Foxboro, MA Kevin Park
16 46 Dustin Anderson - Andy Barrows
17 30 Paul Scally Raynham, MA Paul Scally
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Email or call Deb or Anthony
to be a sponsor or donate a raffle item.
Heats >>
Photos by John DaDalt
Pos. # Driver  Hometown Owner
1 48 Todd Bertrand Danielson, CT Gil Bertrand
2 21 Jim Chambers Atkinson, NH Mike Chambers
3 74 Randy Cabral Kingston, MA Bertrand Motorsports
4 47 Kyle Hamilton Plainfield, IN Bertrand Motorsports
5 39 Avery Stoehr Lakeville, MA Bertrand Motorsports
6 30 Paul Scally Raynham, MA Paul Scally
7 7 Alan Chambers Atkinson, NH Mike Chambers
8 66  Chris deRitis Philadelphia, PA Dan deRitis
9 5b Bethany Stoehr Bridgewater, MA Greg Stoehr
10 31 Ryan Bigelow East Berlin, CT Paul Bigelow
11 A1 Mike Horn Ashland, MA Jeff Horn
12 16 Matt O'Brien Wilmington, MA Matt O'Brien
13 87 Doug Cleveland Sudbury, MA Doug Cleveland
14 9 John Zych Jr. Mendon, MA John Zych Sr.
15 99 Jim Santa Maria Burlington, CT Jim Santa Maria
Jim O'Brien at www.NemaHistory.com
gofundme Account Here
Heats >>
Photos by
John DaDalt
Pos. # Driver  Hometown Owner
1 13 Ryan Bigelow East Berlin, CT Randy Bigelow
2 76 Kyle Hamilton Plainville, IN Frank Manafort
3 14 Chad Labastie Uxbridge, MA Chad Labastie
4 35 Randy Cabral Kingston, MA  Glen Cabral
5 51 Dan CuginI Marshfield, MA Dan Cugini
6 45 Todd Bertrand Danielson, CT Bertrand Motorsports
7 12 Jim Chambers Atkinson, NH Jim Chambers
8 30 Paul Scally Raynham, MA Paul Scally
9 41 Meg CuginI Marshfield, MA Glenn Cugini
10 21 Anthony Payne Fairlawn, NJ Mike Scrivani
11 99 Jim Santa Maria Burlington, CT Jim Santa Maria
12 19 Richard Coy Haskell, NJ Richard Coy
13 9 Ben Mikitarian Northborough, MA John Mikitarian
14 16 Dennis O'Brien Deerfield, NH Chris O'Brien
15 7 Jim Cataldo Sterling, MA Jim Cataldo
16 68 Danny Gamache Smithfield, RI Danny Gamache
17 3 Chris Vose Gloversville, NY Chris Vose
18 52 Kevin Park Foxboro, MA Kevin Park
19 36 Avery Stoehr Lakeville, MA Glen Cabral
20 38 Ryan Locke Raymond, NH  Ken Locke
21 88 Jeff Locke Raymond, NH  Ken Locke
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Bertrand, Bigelow Conquer
Thompson's World Series in
NEMA Action; Cabral, Cugini
Crowned Champions
The Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park World Series of Speedway Racing has become known as the "crown jewel" of Northeast auto racing. Thousands of fans and nearly 500 race cars were packed into nearly every square inch of the 77 year old facility. The Northeastern Midget Association, in its 65th year, showed in full force with 36 cars present between both the full midgets and the Lites. In NEMA action, Todd Bertrand dominated the Shane Hammond Memorial feature event from his third starting position and in the Lites, Ryan Bigelow dominated the Jim O'Brien Memorial leaped out from the pole and led every lap of the feature event.

The two races were run in Memorial of the tragic death of Shane Hammond at TSMP and long time club executive Jim O'Brien.

In the NEMA division, Randy Cabral took down his sixth driving championship and Danny Cugini took down the Lites championship. Tim Bertrand took down the NEMA owners crown, also his sixth, and Glenn Cugini took down the Lites owners championship.

In the NEMA feature, Paul Scally and Alan Chambers brought the field down to the green flag. Scally bolted out into the lead, but was quickly haunted by Todd Bertrand in the K&N #48 machine. Bertrand ducked under Scally in turns one and two on the second lap, and then began to set sail, running some of the fastest laps of the race (17.836) in the early stages of the event.

Further back, all eyes were on Randy Cabral and Jim Chambers, who were battling for a championship. If Chambers finished in the top three, Cabral needed to finish between seventh and ninth, respectively. It was a rush to the starting line for the Cabral team, who discovered ten minutes before the feature event that the battery on his #74 K&N machine had started to catch fire. The crew quickly changed out the battery and checked over the car, as the field was rolling onto the track.

At the front, Bertrand had smooth sailing, as he methodically worked his way through lapped traffic. Chambers took second on lap eight, and further back, Cabral had come from tenth to the third spot. The feature, which would go green to checkered, would see Bertrand win by a margin of nearly six seconds, over Chambers, and 2017 champion Cabral. Kyle Hamilton came from ninth to finish fourth ahead of Bertrand Motorsports teammate Avery Stoehr, who finished fifth. Paul Scally, Alan Chambers, Chris Deritis, Bethany Stoehr and Ryan Bigelow rounded out the top ten.

"I've been trying to win this race for years, and have come up short so many times," said Bertrand. "We had a tough start to the season with this new car, but finally figured it out, and its just unbelievable. I need to thank my whole family and crew for their help, and to Danny Drinan for coming out to help us this weekend," he said. "Winning this race, is definitely the biggest win of my career."

In the Lites race, Danny Cugini locked up the drivers championship by taking the green flag, but needed to finish two spots better than car owner Mike Chambers to take down the owner's championship, so all eyes were on this duo. At the front of the field, Ryan Bigelow blasted out into the lead in his Chevy Ecotec/Bigelow Electric machine. His lead would not last long, however, as the red flag was thrown for a scary incident involving Ryan Locke who flipped down the front stretch. Locke would walk away from the incident unhurt.

When the green flag flew again, Bigelow would blast out into the lead, running a momentum line up a the top of the race track, each lap distancing himself from the field. Further back, tenth place starter Kyle Hamilton was working his way to the front in the Frank Manafort #76. Hamilton would get to second after passing Chad Labastie, who held the position for the first half of the event, but the race would go green to checkered after the first restart. Bigelow would go on to dominate the remainder of the feature, in heavy lapped traffic.

"I need to thank my Dad, without him, I would not be able to do this and its great to get this win for him. I also need to thank my brother, Paul, who put his racing aside to help focus on me this year. This car would not go around without him, and he had it on a rail today," said Bigelow.

Following Bigelow across the line was Hamilton, Labastie, Randy Cabral, 2017 champion Danny Cugini, Todd Bertrand, Jim Chambers, Paul Scally, Meg Cugini and Anthony Payne.

NEMA concludes its year at the New London Waterford Speedbowl with a non points event this coming Sunday for the Lites.
rebullet.gif (1845 bytes)rebullet.gif (1845 bytes)rebullet.gif (1845 bytes)rebullet.gif (1845 bytes)rebullet.gif (1845 bytes)
Cabral, Cugini Lead NEMA
to Thompson's World Series
Thompson, CT -- Both Randy Cabral and Danny Cugini lead NEMA to this coming weekend's World Series of Racing at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. Cabral leads Jim Chambers by 50 points in the NEMA division, and Cugini has a comfortable lead in the Lites. However, in the Lites owners Championship, Cugini leads Mike Chambers by a mere thirteen points. Cabral was the winner the last time NEMA visited TSMP in November after a heated battle with John Zych.

This year's Thompson finale is a special one, in that it will be the second time that the Shane Hammond Memorial will be held at TSMP and the Lites division will celebrated the cancelled Jim O'Brien Memorial from Star Speedway on Sunday. The young Hammond lost his life in a NEMA midget at Thompson in 2008. Since that point, his mother, Deb Marvuglio, has been a devout supporter of the club through the Shane Hammond Memorial Foundation, and her support of the annual event, memorializing Hammond.

As always, a Thompson victory prize is the ultimate for any NEMA or NEMA Lite driver. A "separate the men from the boys" track, the 5/8 mile will see speeds in excess of 140 miles per hour when the NEMA cars hit the tracknext Saturday.

"We're very excited to conclude a very competitive season at the Thompson Speedway Motorspors Park," said NEMA President Tim Bertrand. "Josh (Vanada), Don Hoenig, Jonathan Hoenig and their team have put together a first class facility, staff and program. We have been very proud to be a part of their program for three events this year, and the World Series is one of everyone's favorites in the club" Bertrand said.

The NEMA midgets will run the Saturday evening portion of the World Series of Racing program and the Lites will be a part of Sunday's program this coming weekend.
O'Brien Memorial on Tap
at Thompson World Series
Since the Star event on Sept. 30 was cancelled due to weather, the O'Brien Memorial for the NEMA LITES will now be part of the Thompson World Series weekend.

Brothers Matt and Dennis O'Brien will both be competing in the NEMA and Lites race cards, respectively. Brother, Chris O'Brien, will be on hand as well - as he owns the Dennis O'Brien machine. The O'Brien Memorial win has become a coveted one, on the minds of many Lites racers. One of those is NEMA Champion and Lites competitor, Randy Cabral, who won the event in 2015 at the Waterford Speedbowl.

"Jim was such a good guy, and always thought about the little guy. Maybe we aren't considered the little guys anymore, but for many years when we were showing up with a 1979 Edmunds on a snow mobile trailer, Jim was always there to greet us with a smile. It would be such an honor to win this race," said five time champion, Randy Cabral. "He did so much for the club, I'd like all of the younger generation to understand who he was, and the impact he had on what we have today," Cabral went on to say.

"Jim O'Brien was what NEMA stands for, and personified what we have strived for this club to represent - family values, innovation happening in home garages, and fun," said club President, Tim Bertrand. "His family carries on his legacy by pouring their efforts into the club, and I can't think of a better way to honor their Dad," said Bertrand.

Jim O'Brien was a legendary car owner and club officer, who for a span of four decades personified the best of NEMA. At a very young age, he was introduced to the Midgets by his father and in 1970, joined the NEMA family as a car owner. He earned feature wins with Johnny Evans, driving his Falcon powered Kurtis, and Doug Cleveland who powered to victory in his home built "Pink Panther" laydown chassis.

In 1975 he won the Coca-Cola dirt track championship with Hank Stevens at the wheel. Jim was an innovative fabricator and engine builder and with his sons by his side, he always built his own cars and motors. For years he served as a NEMA contest board member, once a vice-president, and for 13 consecutive years as the treasurer. His life-long dedication to the club was truly outstanding and in 2003, he was inducted into the NEMA Hall of Fame. However, most notably Jim was always one that stood-up and fought for fair competition and defended the "little guy" - racers who ran with small budgets.

"Jim lived and breathed NEMA. He was 100% for NEMA and the little guy. He was a big proponent of building your own car from scratch, every component," said long time club stalwart Mike Scrivani Jr. "Jim also dedicated a great part of his life to serving the club. He did a great job as an officer. He also wasn't afraid to speak his mind, he was very knowledgeable, and when he spoke, people listened," said Scrivani.

In the same spirit of Jim O'Brien, the NEMA Lites were created with two principals - cost effectiveness and fair competition. While the NEMA midgets are considered the fastest midgets in the world, the NEMA Lites boast to be "lite" on the wallet, making them the perfect fit to highlight the Jim O'Brien Memorial race.
With 2016 Updates
Track Histories, Champions,
Wins, Midgets & Lites Stats

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The Northeastern Midget Association announces the release of the 2017 Racing Calendar celebrating NEMA's 65th consecutive year.

This publication features colored photos and knock out graphics.The body of the calendar is full of current and historic information including past and present driver's first wins and the tracks they won at. Both NEMA and NEMA LIte drivers and car owner's birthdays are spread from front to back as well as the legends of yesterday.

And for the traditionalists, all the important dates and federal observances are included as well as a few surprises. All this information is set to a backdrop of team photos and outstanding graphics produced by race team owner and driver Matt O'Brien.

This calendar is a must have for the northeastern race fan and will serve as the perfect Christmas gift to be enjoyed all year long.

We are currently offering these units for a low price of $10 each with all profits funneled back into the club.

Quantities are limited; to order, send your check to
Bill Van Slyke, 23 Horsestable Cir., Shelton, Ct. 06484
(Checks made out to Bill Van Slyke).
NEMA's 1000th Race - Star Speedway - 8/23/14

Recognizing Some
NEMA Milestones

The Northeastern Midget Association will open the season at Star Speedway on May 21. It will be the 1018th point-paying race in the club's 63-year history.

Passing unheralded was the club's 1,000th race at Star Speedway on August 23, 2014. Randy Cabral was the winner, besting John Zych Jr. and Seth Carlson.

New England's oldest and most enduring touring division, NEMA was formed in the late spring of 1953 at the Thompson clubhouse. Fred Meeker was the first NEMA winner at Seekonk Speedway on May 30, 1953. New England Auto Racing Hall of Famer Bill Eldridge won the next afternoon at Waterford.

The NEMA Lites open at Thompson Speedway's Icebreaker on April 9. There have been 106 races for a division that started with an exhibition run at New London-Waterford in 2008. The 100th Lites race was won by Danny Cugini at Lee on July 17 of last year.

With two victories last year, Randy Cabral is now tied with Nokie Fornoro in fourth place on NEMA's all-time win list with 47. He has 16 seasons with a least one victory tying him with Bobby Seymour on that list. They have come consecutively, equaling a NEMA standard set by National Midget Hall of Famer Dave Humphrey. Most of Cabral's wins have come in Tim Bertrand's No. 47 but it all started when an upstart Cabral captured the 2000 Boston Louie in a family car.

Star Speedway, with 103 races going back to 1968, is the leader among tracks hosting NEMA events. Randy Cabral tops active NEMA competitors with four Star wins including three of the last four. John Zych Jr. has also won at Star.

NEMA is clearly one of the most competitive open cockpit divisions in the country. Over the past six years, there have been 23 different NEMA winners and in all but one of those seasons, at least one "first-timer" appeared. Over that span John Zych Jr., Todd Bertrand, Avery Stoehr and Seth Carlson have become top contenders. Danny Cugini and Jim Chambers were first time winners in 2015. Bertrand, Stoehr and Cugini are all products of the NEMA Lites. The Lites have had 20-different winners in the past three seasons, champion Anthony Payne and Megan Cugini among the 2015 first timers. Designed with competiveness in the forefront nine years ago, the Lites are a true success story.

Nominations are now being accepted for the New England Auto Racers Hall of Fame. The nomination form and procedure are available on the New England Antique Racers' website - www.near1.org. Please disregard the posted deadlines.

Those with NEMA connections already enshrined are Gene Angelillo, Chuck Arnold, Burt Brooks, Ray Brown,Joe Csiki, Bill Eldridge, Frank Ferrara, Drew Fornoro, Dave Humphrey, Johnny Kay, Wen Kelly, Rollie Lindblad, John McCarthy, George Monsen, Al Pillion, Billy Randall, Marvin Rifchin, Mike Scrivani Sr., Louie Seymour, Hank Stevens, Ed Stone and Bentley Warren.
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