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NEMA LITES at the 2009 SpeedwayEXPO

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Thursday December 27, 2007
Royal Plaza Hotel - Marlboro, MA

The initial NEMA Lite Division meet and greet took place in Marlboro, MA on Dec. 27th, and all parties involved came away excited about the newest NEMA development.  “We had a phenomenal turnout, even on a snowy night!” said NEMA President Mike Scrivani Jr.  

“We’ve had the word on the series out for only three weeks and it looks like we have somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty cars already lined up.  The promoters are extremely excited about the prospect of bringing between forty to fifty winged midgets on any given night to their track.  It could be one of the best things to happen to New England midget racing in years,” said long time NEMA supporter and board member Bobby Seymour.  “I get calls daily on the series from folks who were considering other directions until this came about.”

A lively series of discussions focused on series goals, infrastructure, basic rules, race dates, and procedures took place. Series partners Helping Hands of America and The Race Depot pledged their support to the car owners who attended this informative first meeting.

“The goal of the NEMA Lite division is to provide a competitive yet affordable midget series that allows racers, both young & old, to compete at the same short tracks that NEMA has competed at for 54 years,” said series Vice President Tim Bertrand.  “The NEMA Lite division will represent an ideal ‘feeder’ division for NEMA, utilizing many if not all of the same technical rules, assisting NEMA in retaining its position as the top midget touring series in the Country.  Every promoter that we have talked to has been ecstatic about the new addition to the NEMA family,” stated Bertrand.

Stay tuned for continuing updates on this exciting new winged Midget division powered by Ford Focus and Oldsmobile Quad 4 engines.

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NEMA Establishes New “Lite” Series

Coming off a sensational 2007 season, the Northeastern Midget Association has decided to “invest in the future” with the “NEMA Lite Series.” The series, approved by the NEMA Contest Board, is gaining

Called a “feeder class” by NEMA Vice President Tim Bertrand, the series is designed to introduce new competitors to winged midgets “in very low cost, less powerful cars.” Competitors can use any chassis that currently meets NEMA specifications but engines will be limited to Ford Focus and Oldsmobile Quad4. All the cars will have starters.

Plans are for the “Lites” to run in conjunction with regular short track NEMA events. Bertrand said, “NEMA is putting in place incentives for tracks to run the Lite Series cars. We are aware of the time factors and
economics involved. We have to make it attractive for them. We believe we have done that.”

Bertrand says as many 20 teams have expressed intentions to compete. “Most are Focus and Quad4 owners who can’t afford Esslinger and Gaerte motors and are looking for a way to go,” he says. “We are talking about $8-to $10,000 cars in this series. The equipment is definitely available out there.”

The plan allows for competitors, when they are ready, to “move up” to the fulltime NEMA status with more powerful (and more expensive) motors.

Bertrand admits “a lot of sportsman type divisions are popping up all over the country” claiming potential NEMA competitors. “Other divisions were the only thing they could afford,” he says. “This is an effective plan to keep them in winged Midgets.”

A number of “established” Midget regulars including Steve Grant and former champions Bobby Seymour and Butch Walsh will be consultants for the new series.

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