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Statement from the NEMA Executive Board

Please be advised that effective 1/1/2008, all cars powered by stock Quad 4 engines may only compete with the NEMA Lite division and will not be allowed to compete in any NEMA Competition Event as defined in the rulebook.

Rules for the NEMA Lite Series

The NEMA Lite rules were designed with two principle tenets – fair competition and cost effectiveness. These rules will constantly be under review and are subject to change on a regular basis based upon these two tenets.

Any teams found to be going against the spirit or intent of the NEMA Lite rules will be disqualified from the current Competition Event and will be subject to an appearance in front of the NEMA Competition Board.

The NEMA Lite Series will follow the same technical specifications as per the 2008 NEMA Rulebook, EXCEPT for the following modifications to be added in an addendum to the current rulebook.

NEMA Lite Weight Rule: All NEMA Lite cars competing in a Competition Event will weigh a minimum of 1,160 pounds including the driver & driver’s gear.

**NEMA Lite Shock Rule: No gas charged shocks allowed. Only one adjustable shock allowed on any corner of the car. This shock may be cockpit adjustable.     ** Note – this rule will be placed into effect no later than the 2009 season. Due to the desire to increase car count in the early stage races – we will waive the “gas shock” component of this rule – and will still only allow one cockpit adjustable shock.

NEMA Lite Car Construction Rule: No titanium parts, components, or bolts of any kind allowed on any NEMA Lite competition vehicle.

NEMA Lite Tire Rule: Only one new right rear tire per night, and one new tire on any other corner of the car may be used.

NEMA Lite Wing Angle Rule: Wing angle not to exceed 15 degrees on any NEMA Lite competition vehicle. Margin of error is + or – one degree (1).

NEMA Lite Engine Rules: Ford Focus engine limited to the sealed SCREAM engine for the 2008 season.

Quad 4 engines must follow the Whip City Speedway engine rules.

NEMA Lite Quad 4 Offset Rule: Any Quad 4 powered vehicle competing in a NEMA Lite Competition Event will be allowed 7” or rear offset.

NEMA Lite Wheel Width Rule: “Combo” Cars (left hand steer, chassis kick more than 26.5” from the motorplate): 12” or 10” RR wheel allowed

All other cars: 10” RR wheel allowed

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