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NEMA Feature - Monadnock - Sat. Sept. 5th
Pos. # Driver Hometown Owner
1 26b Greg Stoehr Bridgewater, MA Greg Stoehr
2 47 Randy Cabral Plymouth, MA Tim Bertrand
3 45 Russ Stoehr Bridgewater, MA Gene Angelillo
4 29 Drew Fornoro PA Bobby Seymour
5 A1 Jeff Horn Ashland, MA Jeff Horn
6 4 Nokie Fornoro Stroudsburg, PA Mike Jarret
7 74 Teddy Christopher Plainville, CT Tim Bertrand
8 9 John Zych Jr. Mendon, MA  John Zych
9 44 Erica Santos Franklin, MA Ed Breault
10 5 William Wall Shrewsbury, MA Wall Motorsports LLC
11 21 Abby Martino Norfolk, MA Joan Martino
12 8 Barry Kittredge Marlboro, MA Barry Kittredge
13 28 Doug Cleveland Sudbury, MA Paul Luggelle 
14 16 Matt O'Brien Wilmington, MA Jim O'Brien
15 77L Edward LeClerc Jr. Taunton, MA Mike Luggelle
16 2 Lee Bundy Kennebunkport, ME Lee Bundy
99 Chris DeRitis Philadelphia, PA Power Point
Race Cars
30 Paul Scally Raynham, MA Paul Scally
7ny Adam Cantor Dix Hills, NY Cantor Racing
55w Aaron Wall Shrewsbury, MA Wall Motorsports LLC
3m Jim Miller Weymouth, MA Jim Miller

Lites Feature - Monadnock - Sat. Sept. 5th
Pos. # Driver Hometown Owner
1 11b P.J. Stergios Candia, NH Bill Stergios
2 29 Anthony Nocella Woburn, MA Matt Seymour
3 50 Mike Muldoon Baldwinsville NY Mike Muldoon
4 51 Russ Wood Jr.  Pelham, NH Russ Wood
5 35 Anthony Marvuglio E. Bridgewater, MA Glen Cabral
6 12 Edward LeClerc Jr. Taunton, MA Edward LeClerc Sr.
7 00 Josh Woollam Buzzards Bay, MA Paul Luggelle
8 47 Dave Bedard Swansea, MA Glen Cabral
9 5c Joey Chick Hubbardston, MA Bob Chick
10 11w David Rose Jr. Keene, NH David Rose Sr.
11 33 Shawn Torrey Marshfield, MA Shawn Torrey
36 Eric Cabral Manchester, NH Glen Cabral
13 46 Dave Blaze Granville, MA Dave Blaze
52 Kevin Park Foxboro, MA Kevin Park
93  Jake Smith Stroudsburg, PA Ted Smith
66l Joe Spinzola Scituate, MA Mike Luggelle
28 Paul Luggelle Holbrook, MA Paul Luggelle

Greg Stoehr & Randy Cabral
Grab NEMA Victories
P.J. Stergios & Anthony Nocella
the Lites Winners

Winchester, NH – Greg Stoehr needed only five minutes and 46 seconds to capture the Northeastern Midget Association’s 25-lap Marilyn’s Passion Memorial Midget Race Saturday night at Monadnock Speedway. Starting fifth, Stoehr passed brother Russ on lap 13 and went on to beat Randy Cabral by five car lengths in the caution-free battle.

It capped a busy weekend for NEMA, Cabral claiming Friday night’s 25-lapper at Twin State Speedway after a torrid battle with Nokie Fornoro.

Anthony Nocella was the Lites winner at Twin State while P.J. Stergios ruled at Monadnock.

Backed by the Angelillo family, The Marilyn’s Passion event memorialized long-time NEMA stalwart and official Marilyn Angelillo.

“He was very fast,” Greg Stoehr said of his brother, who took over the Miller #3m after his regular ride, the Angelillo #45, had motor problems at Monadnock. “I was faster. I was better on the ends and I realized I had to get him between the rest of the field and myself.”

Cabral took second away from Russ on lap 18. Drew Fornoro (Seymour #29) celebrated his return with a resounding fourth followed by Jeff Horn (Horn #A1), Nokie Fornoro (Jarret #4), and Ted Christopher (Bertrand #74). Ten cars finished on the same lap.

Coming from fourth, Russ Stoehr had the lead heading into three on the first lap. Greg chased him down and tried the outside twice before the winning pass. “It was a move I learned watching him,” he said. “But he didn’t fall for it,” Greg continued, “and I had to force the issue.”

“He showed me the nose and I gave it all I could to hold him off,” says Russ. “We were loose and I knew I couldn’t hold him forever. He went right under me.”

Cabral, looking for a weekend sweep, took second from Russ Stoehr in turn two on lap 18. “The car was never better,” said the defending champion who started 10th. “I wanted so badly to catch Greg, not so much to pass him but to just race with him.”

Fast lap honors actually went to Cabral (a 12.022) on the eighth circuit. Greg Stoehr turned lap six in 12:036.

A lap 18 restart set up the classic Cabral-Fornoro duel at Twin State, the two running side-by side for four laps. They actually changed lanes at least once but Cabral, on the outside, finally got away exiting two just before the two-lap signal.

“I see Nokie outside of me,” said Cabral, “and then I see him on the inside of me. It was pretty exciting.” He said he watched the NEMA Lites RACE (the family had three car involved) and came away with a good idea of “where the best lane was.”

Cabral, who had the fastest lap at Twin State (12.389), and Fornoro, were followed by Greg Stoehr, Adam Cantor (Cantor #7ny) and Erica Santos (Breault #44).

“It was a tribute to a great lady, Marilyn Angelillo,” said grand marshal Dick Monahan, who served in many roles including president for NEMA over the years. He spoke of not only the race itself but also the entire day that included a picnic and very special T-shirts.

“If there was any rust I wore it off tonight,” said Drew Fornoro who, after a long layoff, drove the Seymour #29 to a fourth place at Monadnock. It was his worst ever finish at Monadnock where he had 11 wins in Angelillo cars. Citing stagger problems early and no brakes over the last eight laps, he seemed open to other driving opportunities.

“The guys who win here are the guys who know how to drive Midgets,” said Greg Stoehr after his third career win at Monadnock. He called brother Russ “the smartest driver I know and I watch him as much as I can.” Russ did a masterful job in Jim Miller’s #3m.
“It was the right thing to do,” Miller said of giving up his car.

The Stoehr brothers took away all the Marilyn's Passion Memorial lap money. Russ earned $300 for leading laps four, five, 10 and 12 (donated by Joe Iorio and Dave Shore) while Greg got the $100 from Curt and Laura Kibbe) for leading 14 and 15. William Wall passed seven cars and took the $75 hard charger prize donated by Bertrand Motorsports.

Abby Martino and Erica Santos split the special match race money from Marilyn’s grandchildren Tiana and Brooke Kibbe.

“That’s how drivers are supposed to compete in Midgets,” said owner Tim Bertrand after his driver Randy Cabral and Nokie Fornoro battled at Twin State. The battle had fans on their feet and found great favor with the promotion department at the Claremont, NH spot. Interestingly enough, Fornoro warmed the car up for the Bertrand team (and lost a wheel) when high school automotive teacher Cabral had to complete his school day.

After many races with few if any cautions, the Lites had five cautions at Monadnock, putting extra pressure on P.J. Stergios. The final one came with four laps left and he had to deny Anthony Nocella a weekend sweep.

Marilyn and Gene Angelillo shared over 100 NEMA victories.
(John DaDalt photo)

“Marilyn’s Passion” Race
Sept. 5 At Monadnock

Wolcott, CT – Monadnock Speedway will host the inaugural “Marilyn’s Passion Midget Race” on Saturday night, Sept. 5. The event memorializes the late Marilyn Angelillo, wife of 14-time owner champion Gene Angelillo and a dedicated NEMA officer. It will feature 45 laps of feature racing for the Northeastern Midget Association and the NEMA Lites.

A combined purse of $12,000-plus awaits the combined divisions. The NEMA winner will get away with at least $1,100. It will be the first Lites race to award prize money, the top three-spots divvying up $600. There’s NEMA heat winners money, a hard charger award plus a special dividend for the first female finisher.

“She was a true Midget fan, a real competitor and a hardworking officer,” said Marilyn’s daughter Laura Kibbe. “She was not into a lot of fancy, over-the-top stuff and it is within that scope we’re doing this. It’s about her love for the Midgets and NEMA.”

The Angelillo team adopted the “Marilyn’s Passion” theme following her death on Sept. 4, 2007.

Marilyn and Gene were a team. When they joined NEMA in 1980, it was Marilyn who suggested the number 45. “I was 45 and we lived at 45 Doran Street in Waterbury, CT” Angelillo says. “And it was Marilyn who came up with “Dumo’s Desire” to honor my late father Dominic.”

She was the club secretary for a decade, making vast improvements in communication both within the club and with outside sources including the media. Marilyn was a force in the annual production of the yearbook and the annual banquet.

“[Marilyn] was mother and coach to us all,” summed up long-time NEMA writer/announcer Chris Romano. “ She was a gem.”

“She was a hard worker for the #45 team and especially for NEMA,” said current President Mike Scrivani Jr. “So many of us still miss her.”

Angelillo and Kibbe thank Monadnock promoters Larry Cirillo and Fred Pafumi for their participation in the event.

Monadnock is an ideal venue for the race. Marilyn watched the Angelillo operation team win 11 races there between 1982 and 1997, all of them with Drew Fornoro driving. Overall, she shared in 108 Angelillo NEMA victories.

A large field is expected. The challenging Monadnock has become a favorite venue for NEMA and the Lites. It will be the third visit of the season, Randy Cabral and Nokie Fornoro the previous winners. P.J. Stergois won a Lites race at Monadnock earlier this year.

Russ Stoehr in the #45

Russ Stoehr leaves little doubt about his intentions in Saturday night’s (Sept. 5) Marilyn’s Passion race at Monadnock Speedway. In his second tenure with the Angelillo #45, he heads into the Northeastern Midget Association busy weekend off a victory at Waterford Speedbowl – his 40th.

“I really would like to win that race for Marilyn and Gene,” says Stoehr, The 25-lap feature memorializes Marilyn Angelillo, Gene Angelillo’s late wife and a long-time NEMA official. “Her heart was always in the right place when it came to the team and to the club.”

Stoehr, back in action this season after a lengthy layoff, faces Twin State Speedway Friday night (Sept. 4). He has, in fact, never raced at the Claremont, NH facility. “We’re going to have to work on that,” says Stoehr who has maybe “a total of five laps of practice there.”

There’s not a lot of NEMA experience at Twin State. NEMA has raced there only twice the past four years.

Stoehr. returns to Monadnock believing “the track kind of owes me something.” He was on the way to victory in the season opener when he was hit by a car he was passing. When NEMA returned, Stoehr was sick (Lyme disease) and Lou Cicconi drove the car to second place.

“Besides that, Gene’s guys know the way around the place,” says Stoehr whose Monadnock win came with owner Bruce Beane in 1995. Angelillo has 12 Monadnock wins, 11 of them with Drew Fornoro driving.

Drew Fornoro, driving the Seymour #29, will be part of the opposition at Monadnock. Modified ace Ted Christopher, in the Bertrand #74, is another threat, joining a group that includes brother Greg (Stoehr  #26b), Nokie Fornoro (Jarret #4) and defending champion Randy Cabral (Bertrand #47), all former Monadnock winners as well.

Shaking off the rustiness and the brief illness, Stoehr appears back in the form that won nine races and three straight championships over three years (2000-02) for Angelillo. Marilyn, he remembers, was a big part of that run.

Stoehr, retired and has been idle until agreeing to replace Joey Payne this year. Ironically it was Payne who replaced Stoehr.

TC Can Make History
At Marilyn’s Passion

Brockton, MA- A victory at the Northeastern Midget Association’s Marilyn’s Passion race Saturday night, Sept.5, will would put Teddy Christopher in unique company. The event memorializes long-time NEMA car owner and official Marilyn Angelillo.

The defending national NASCAR “Tour” champ, Christopher will take a break from the Modifieds to drive the Bertrand #74 in the $11,000-plus race. The car was driven previously this year to top five finishes by Jeff Horn and Cole Carter, the latter finishing second at the Boston Louie.

The versatile Christopher, who actually opened the ’09 season with TQ wins at Atlantic City and Providence, RI is not a stranger to the NEMA’s Victory Lane. Driving a Marilyn Angelillo-owned car he won at Waterford Speedbowl on May 24, 1998. He battled Bobby and Mike Seymour over the final laps.

Among drivers best known for their “stock car” success, Gene Bergin is the NEMA win leader with two. Bergin won in a Scrivani car at Thompson in 1969 and on the dirt at Lakeville Speedway in 1973 driving the Leahy #18.

Christopher’s hard-charging style, in fact, reminds many of Bergin. NEMA President Mike Scrivani Jr. vividly recalls Bergin’s run from the back to victory at Thompson. Again like Christopher, Bergin drove a number of different style cars with success.

Bergin also notched a pair of seconds in NEMA action. Christopher was third in his first-ever NEMA race at Hudson for Angelillo in 1990.He has driven for Bertrand before.

With a few exceptions, NEMA has not been kind to outsiders. Geoff Bodine and Bugs Stevens recorded second place finishes at Stafford and Thompson respectively. Reggie Ruggiero fans remember his strong run at Riverside Park.

The late Hank Stevens was a Modified legend for many years but was a Midget regular when he won for Jimmy O’Brien at Antigonish in Canada in 1970.

Seymour Glad To Be Part
of Marilyn’s Passion

History is never lost on the Seymours, one of New England’s premier racing families. The family, which carries on the tradition of the immortal “Boston” Louie Seymour, has been part of the Northeastern Midget Association for three decades.

Nine-time champion Drew Fornoro, NEMA’s all-time winner with 85, will be in the Seymour #29 at Saturday’s (Sept. 5) Marilyn’s Passion race at Monadnock Speedway. The event memorializes Marilyn Angelillo, a NEMA fixture for 20 years.

“It’s great that Drew is doing this. He is doing it for Marilyn. No question, he is the best name to have in establishing this race,” says Seymour whose family has run NEMA’s headliner Boston Louie Memorial race for over a dozen years.

Marilyn’s Passion is on the end of a busy weekend for NEMA. It begins Friday night (Sept. 4) at Twin State Speedway in Claremont, NH. The NEMA Lites will also be part of both dates.

The Gene Angelillo-Drew Fornoro combination was one of the country’s top Midget teams. Marilyn Angelillo, Gene’s wife, was a big part of it.

The Seymour brothers, Bobby and Mike, are among NEMA top winners, sharing two championships and 41 victories between them. In more recent times, the Seymours have found success as car owners with younger guys – drivers like Bobby Santos III, Mark Buonomo, Randy Cabral and Chris Abold, the latter capturing the “Boston Louie Memorial “ this year in the car that Fornoro will drive.

“We will be bringing him a pretty good car,” continues Seymour. “He is the guy at Monadnock and getting his input will be great. He’s been away for a while, but we’re sure it will all come back to him.”

Fornoro has won 11 times at Monadnock, part of the 79 wins he amassed in Angelillo equipment.

Younger brother Nokie (Jarret #4) and defending champion and current point leader Randy Cabral (Bertrand #47) head up a strong field that will include Adam Cantor (Cantor #47), Russ Stoehr (Angelillo #45), Greg Stoehr (Stoehr #26b), Chris DeRitis (Power Point #99), Erica Santos (Breault #44), William Wall (Wall #5) and John Zych (Zych #9). Modified standout Ted Christopher will drive the Bertrand #74.

“It’s going to be fun,” Seymour says. “I don’t feel any special pressure. We’re going with the intention of doing well which, hopefully means winning, and I’m confident that when the checkered flag falls, we’ll be glad we did this.”

Seymour also fields a NEMA Lites car (picture below) for Anthony Nocella. They have won twice so far.

TC/Bertrand Team Up
For Marilyn’s Passion

Brockton, MA – Ted Christopher is looking forward to driving the Bertrand #74 at the Northeastern Midget Association’s Marilyn’s Passion Race at Monadnock Speedway on Saturday night, Sept. 5. The race memorializes long-time NEMA stalwart Marilyn Angelillo.

The versatile Christopher, who opened the season with TQ wins at Atlantic City and Providence, RI, will be a teammate with Randy Cabral in the $11,000-plus event.

“First, I’m excited about driving in an event that honors Marilyn Angelillo,” says Christopher. “Marilyn was such a big part of the game for so many years.”

Marilyn Angelillo was listed as the owner of the Midget Christopher, the 2008 National NASCAR Modified champion, drove to victory at Waterford Speedbowl’s 1998 Modified Nationals. It was one of over 100 wins Marilyn was part of.

“Second, I’m going to be in great equipment on a track that everybody says suits my style,” continues the busy Christopher. He’ll be in the car that Jeff Horn and Cole Carter have driven to a fifth and a second this year. Christopher has been in Bertrand equipment before.

“No question Monadnock is a place where you’ve got to pony up,” says owner Tim Bertrand. “It is a track where the veterans, guys like Nokie Fornoro, Jeff Horn and the Stoehr brothers, seem to do well. Those are the guys who drove before the extraordinary equipment we have today, the guys who really work the car. Ted is in that category too. He can get up on the wheel.”

Horn, Fornoro, Russ and Greg Stoehr will be part of what’s expected to be a banner field. Defending champion Randy Cabral and previous 2009 race winner at Monadnock, and Adam Cantor will join a group of younger drivers that includes Abby Martino, Erica Santos, John Zych Jr. and Rookie of the Year candidate Chris DeRitis.

“I’m going there to win it,” says Christopher who has limited experience at Monadnock. He is reminded, he says, of his first-ever Midget ride when he finished third in an Angelillo Midget at Hudson back in 1990.

Best known for Modifieds, Christopher, a one-time go-kart sensation, has won in a supermodified, in pro stocks, Busch Cars and, super late models in addition to the TQs.

Drew Fornoro in the Winner's Circle at Oswego Speedway,
Oswego Budweiser Classic, August 31, 2002  (Jim Feeney Photo)

Drew Fornoro Returns
For Marilyn’s Passion

Brockton, MA - “How could I not do it?” answered Drew Fornoro when the opportunity came to drive in the Northeastern Midget Association’s Marilyn Passion Race at Saturday night, Sept. 5 at Monadnock Speedway. “There is just no way.”

Shaking off two years of inactivity, NEMA’s all-time winningest driver will be in the Seymour 29 in the $11,000-plus 25-lap race that memorializes long-time NEMA owner and official Marilyn Angelillo.

It is, Fornoro says, the first time two of Midget’s greatest names will join forces. “I know I’ve never driven for the Seymour family and I’m pretty sure my brother (Nokie) hasn’t either. It’s ironic because it was always a dream ride.”

It still is. The car won the Boston Louie this year with Jeff Abold aboard.

“But I was always in a pretty good spot,” continues Fornoro, now an assistant football coach at Pope John High School in Sparta, NJ. He and the Angelillos were one of the premier Midget teams in the nation. All but six of Fornoro’s 85 NEMA triumphs came in Angelillo equipment. Over a quarter century they combined for 20 championships.

“Marilyn was the backbone of the whole thing,” says Fornoro. “She could read me like a book. We went through a lot together. She could read a lot of people. That’s what made her so special.”

Fornoro, who last drove at Thompson two years ago, returns to a track where he had remarkable success. He had 11 wins at Monadnock. “You know, I wasn’t sure I would be back,” he says, “so I told my brother the secret to the place. Maybe I made a mistake.” Nokie Fornoro has won four times at Monadnock including one this year.

Modified ace Ted Christopher will be on hand driving the Bertrand 74. Randy Cabral, in the Bertrand 47, will be also be looking for a second Monadnock win this year.

Drew Fornoro will see some familiar faces including current Angelillo driver Russ Stoehr and his brother Greg. Other contenders include Jeff Horn, Adam Cantor, Erica Santos and a group of youngsters including John Zych Jr., William Wall, Abby Martino and Rookie of the Year candidate Chris DeRitis.

The Marilyn’s Passion Race offers heat prizes and hard charger money. There is a dividend for the first female finisher.

The top three finishers in the 20-lap Lites feature will divvy up $600.

Drew Fornoro's last NEMA Win at the Wen Kelley Memorial, Star Speedway, July 12, 2003. L to R: Sam Kelley, Drew Fornoro, Marvin Rifchin, & Ray Kelley.  (Rich Hayes Photo)


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