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Suggestions / Comments / Questions

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Tim Bertrand



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Joe Santa Maria

NEMA Secretary Mailing Address:
6 Park Place, Suite 4,
New Britain, CT 06052


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1st Vice-President:  Mike Chambers


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2nd Vice-President:  - - -

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Treasurer:  Paul Scally


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2017 Board:

Paul Bigelow

Shawn Torrey

Dennis O’Brien

John Zych Jr.

Seth Carlson

John Mikitarian

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Shawn Torrey

339 793 0292


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Cyndy Scrivani



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Tara Stoehr


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Norm Marx

Cell: 978-328-8894


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To allow for better assistance to the membership and coordination between the board members, NEMA President Tim Bertrand has assigned each board member to a Committee and has appointed Paul Scally as his Chief Operating Officer. Vice President, Mike Chambers will serve as Head of Sales & Marketing, and Secretary Joe Santa Maria will serve as the Club's Head of Business Affairs.

Each competition board member and executive board member will now have defined responsibilities for certain areas of the club's operations. Please utilize the assigned Board member with his area of responsibility. The list is as follows;

Lites Committee - John Mikitarian & Paul Bigelow - these two individuals will work with the COO to manage the Lites series. This will include race day operations at stand-alone events, member communications, rule enforcement (engine specs & dyno requirements) etc.

Technical Committee - Head: Shawn Torrey. The technical committee head shall be the person in which members can communicate about technical rules and questions. This person shall also be responsible for the technical inspections post-race. In addition, this person shall vet any alternative engine platform ideas prior to discussion.

Safety Committee - Head: John Mikitarian. The safety committee shall ensure that NEMA upholds the standards set out in our rule book to a reasonable degree, and that new members have an outlet to ensure that their drivers and competition vehicles meet the standards that NEMA has set out.

Member Relations Committee - Head: Dennis O'Brien. The Member relations committee shall actively manage dialogue across the ownership, and be responsible for all of NEMA's social events - Banquet, Annual picnic, etc.

Sales & Marketing Committee - Head: John Zych, working with Vice President Mike Chambers, this committee shall be responsible for assisting the Vice President in seeking out a series sponsors, race sponsors, and shall also be responsible for assisting in putting together sponsors for the Annual Race Program book.

Race Day Operations Committee - Head: Seth Carlson - working with the COO and race staff, the race day operations committee shall be responsible for making sure that we have a plan to ensure that the club is properly set up on race day. Suggestion is that we assign each team a race night where they are mandated to assist and we publish this on the website. Line up boards positioned properly, Scales set up & put away, NEMA trailer is packed away, etc.

We can always use help - if anyone is interested in helping, please contact the head of that committee.

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