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White's of Westport - Westport, MA


Push Truck
Appreciation Awards

10th to 15th NEMA
Drivers & Owners

First Time NEMA Winner
Chris Leonard

LITES Perfect
Attendance Awards

NEMA Perfect
Attendance Awards

Top Owner/Driver:
Greg Stoehr

Youngest Drivers
Carl Medeiros &
Joey Mucciacciaro

9th to 16th LITES
Owners & Drivers

1st to 8th LITES
Owners & Drivers

First Time
LITES Winners

5th to 9th NEMA
Drivers & Owners

Shane Hammond Sportsmanship
Anthony Nocella & Jim Miller

Ralph Miller Outstanding and Continuing Perseverance
Jim Miller

Johnny Thomson Memorial
 Mike Scrivani Jr

Johnny Thomson Memorial
 Mike Scrivani Jr

Johnny Thomson Memorial
 Mike Scrivani Jr

Hard Luck Awards
David Moniz & Kevin Park

Ed Clothier
Rookie of the Year
Lanson Fornoro

Associate Never Say Die Award
Laura Kibbe

Bell Helmets for the Champions
From Bell & The Race Depot
ISMA Champ: Russ Wood Sr.
NEMA Champ: Russ Stoehr

Wild Child Design
Top Guns Crews of the Month

Angelillo Memorial Award
Cyndy Hogan

Pat Thibodeau Youth and Determination Awards
Scott Law & Todd Bertrand

NEMA Raffle

Mechanic of the Year
John Andruk

Joe Csiki Most Improved Driver
& 4th NEMA Driver/Owner
Chris deRitis
(accepted by Todd Bertrand)

Wen Kelley Award
Shaun Torrey

Ray Roberts
Memorial Award
Brian Cleveland

LITES Most Improved Driver:
Anthony “Bug” Marvuglio

NEMA Raffle

3rd NEMA Driver/Owner
Greg Stoehr

2nd NEMA Owner/Driver
Tim Bertrand & Randy Cabal

2nd NEMA Driver
Randy Cabal

Leather Jackets for the
Dumo's Desire
Championship Team

2010 NEMA Champions
Russ Stoehr & Laura Kibbe’s Dumo’s Desire #45

Remembering the Championships of
Dumo's Desire #45

Best Appearing LITE: #1
Charles Gunther/Bathany Viets

Best Appearing NEMA: #93x
Mike Horn

Dumo’s Desire, Russ Stoehr
Top NEMA’s Award Winners

Westpot, MA – “Devine Intervention” was the underlining element as Laura Kibbe’s Dumo’s Desire 45 and driver Russ Stoehr celebrated their championships Saturday night at the Northeastern Midget Association’s 2010 Awards Banquet at Whites of Westport. Following her dad Gene Angelillo’s death in March, Kibbe drew the forces together and went on to capture the team’s 15th championship (and Stoehr’s sixth) but only after a down-to-wire battle with the Bertrand Motorsports #47 and Randy Cabral.

Gene and Marilyn Angelillo were never far away from the goings on throughout the year.

Announcer Pete Falcone presided over a busy program that in addition to honoring the top owners and drivers in both NEMA and the Lites, included the usual host of trophies, many honoring the top names from NEMA’s 58-year history.

The coveted Johnny Thomson Memorial, presented for the 50th time, went to club president Mike Scrivani Jr. John Andruk is the Mechanic of the Year. “His motors are all over the place,” said Stoehr of Andruk, who has played a major role in the development of the Mazda engine.

The driving awards went to Chris deRitis (Joe Csiki Most Improved), Lanson Fornoro (Ed Clothier Rookie of the Year) and Greg Stoehr (Evan/Thrall Owner/Driver).

Other winners of NEMA’s traditional prizes went to Shaun Torrey
(Wen Kelley Memorial), Brian Cleveland (Ray Roberts Memorial), Laura Kibbe (Associate Member Never Say Die), Scott Law and Todd Bertrand (Pat Thibodeau Youth & Determination) and Jim Miller (Ralph Miller Outstanding and Continuing Perseverance and The NEMA Shane Hammond Sportsmanship).

Anthony “Bug” Marvuglio is the Most Improved Lites driver. Other Lites recipients are David Moniz (Hard Luck), Kevin Park (Hard Luck), and Anthony Nocella (The LITES Shane Hammond Sportsmanship).

The renamed Angelillo Memorial Award (formally Woman Behind the Man) went to Cyndy Hogan.

The Wild Child Design Best Appearing Cars are the #93x of Mike Horn (NEMA) and the #1 of Charles Gunther (Lites). Top Guns Cew of the Month are Chris Leonard (March), Cantor Racing (June), Bertrand Motor Sports (July), the Scally #4 Lite (August), Demo’s Desire (September), and the Stoehr #25 (October).

Car owners with perfect attendance were Laura Kibbe, Tim Bertrand, Greg Stoehr, Dan deRitis, Allan Cantor, Paul Scally and Lee Bundy in NEMA and Bobby Seymour and Paul Luggelle in the Lites.

Stoeher and ISMA champion Russ Wood Sr. took home Bell helmets.

Wood was one of four new Lites winners in ’10 joining Ed LeClerc Jr., Jim Santa Maria and Bethany Views. Chirs Leonard and Chris deRitis were first-time NEMA winners.

Appreciation Awards went to Robyn Bennett, Tim Bennett, Deb Marvuglio, Linda Cleveland, Ellen Pernesiglio, Bob Blanchette, Cyndy Hogan, Norm Marx, John Dadalt, Pete Falconi, Lanson Fornoro, Doug Cleveland, Shaun Torrey and Pete Zanardi.

Also recognized were push truck drivers Pete Pernesiglio Sr., Steven Cleveland, Glen Cabral, Jack Giannini, Kurt Kiermont, Dave Shore, Paul Luggelle and Mike Luggelle.

Top 15 NEMA Drivers: 1. Russ Stoehr, 1723 (3 Wins);
2. Randy Cabral, 1695 (4); 3. Greg Stoehr, 1477;
4. Chris deRitis, 1390 (1); 5. Adam Cantor, 1290 (1);
6. Jim Miller, 1088; 7. John Zych Jr., 997;
8. Erica Santos, 994; 9. Lee Bundy, 905; 10. Paul Scally, 903;
11. Mike Horn, 900; 12. Chris Leonard, 742 (1); 13. Jeff Abold, 726 (1)14. Jeff Horn, 593; 15. Matt O’Brien, 541.
Other Winners: Lou Cicconi Jr., Keith Botelho.

Top 15 NEMA Owners: 1. Dumo’s Desire #45, 1723 (3 Wins);
2. Tim Bertrand #47, 1695 (4); 3. Greg Stoehr #26b, 1477;
4. Cicconi/deRitis #75, 1390 (1); 5. Adam Cantor #7ny, 1290 (1);
6. Jim Miller #3m, 1088; 7. Ed Breault, #44, 1076;
8. John Zych Sr. #9, 997; 9. Lee Bundy #2, 905;
10. Paul Scally #30, 903; 11. Jeff Horn #93x, 900;
12. Dave Leonard, 738 (1); 13. Tim Bertrand #39, 718;
14. Bobby Seymour #4, 692 (2); 15. Jeff Abold #29, 636.
Other Winners: Russ Stoehr #25s

Top 16 LITES:  (Car # - owner/driver)
#29 - Matt Seymour/Anthony Nocella
#4   - Paul Scally/Randy Cabral
#28 - Paul Luggelle/Paul Luggelle
#12 - Ed LeClerc/Ed LeClerc
#48 - Bertrand Motorsports/Todd Bertrand
#99 - Susan Santa Maria/James Santa Maria
#51 - Russ Wood Sr./ Russ Wood Jr.
#81 - Bobby Seymour/Andy Barows
#1   - Charlie Gunther/Bethany Viets
#18 - David Moniz/David Moniz
#00 - Paul Luggelle/Lanson Fornoro
#93 - Ted Smith/Jake Smith
#13 - Randy Bigelow/Ryan Bigelow
#52 - Kevin Park/Kevin Park
#31 - Randy Bigelow/Paul Bigelow
#45 - Frank Mucciacciaro/Joey Mucciacciaro

NEMA’s Top Rivalry
To Continue in 2011
Brockton, MA – Per usual, the 2010 Northeastern Midget Association championship battles went to the final checker. Eventual champions #45 Dumo’s Desire Racing (owner) and Russ Stoehr (driver) stopped a #47 Bertrand Motorsports and Randy Cabral streak at two but couldn’t celebrate until finishing third, behind winner Cabral, at Thompson Speedway’s World Series.

The best news out of NEMA’s annual Awards Banquet Saturday, which celebrated the championship, was the rivalry will continue. “Yes, we will be racing in 2011,” Dumo’s Desire owner Laura Kibbe told the gathering at NEMA’s 2010 Awards Banquet at Whites of Westfield (MA).

“We look forward to racing against them and everybody else next year,” offered Tim Bertrand of Bertrand Motorsports.

The acceptance speeches of both owner Laura Kibbe, who rescued the most successful team in NEMA’s history after her father Gene Angelillo’s passing in March, and Stoehr were testimony to the evening’s emotion. “This was meant to be,” Kibbe said. Although the championship was not the primary objective, Kibbe none-the-less suggested “divine intervention” may have been a factor in what is the 15th championship for the team Gene and Marilyn Angelillo formed in 1980. Marilyn, who passed away in 2007, named it after Gene’s father “Dumo.”

“I just felt the #45 belonged on the track,” Kibbe continued, claiming she entertained no championship hopes until the team’s win at the Angelillo Memorial at Waterford Speedbowl in September.

Pointing out he has “never been a particularly religious person,” Stoehr nevertheless told his crew that he can envision a place where “Gene is with Marilyn and they are so proud of what you did.” En route to his sixth championship, four of them with Dumo’s Desire, Stoehr had three wins among nine top fives, 11 top 10s and no dnfs.

“I had the best season of my life and finished second,” said Cabral, who led the club with four wins among 10 top fives. “That shows you what [the Dumo’s Desire crew] is made of.” In the final reckoning, it was his only DNF that was costly.

Bertrand also bought into the divine intervention theory. “People read on the website what went on and they understand,” offered Bertrand who frequently campaigned two cars in 2010. “We had a great time running against Dumo’s Desire and we’ll be ready for 2011.”

Banquet master of ceremonies Pete Falcone pointed out it was a season filled with excitement including first-time wins for Chris Leonard and Chris deRitis in NEMA and Bethany Viets, Russ Wood Sr. and Jim Santa Maria in the Lites. There were, in total, 17 winners – Cabral, Stoehr, deRitis, Leonard, Adam Cantor, Jeff Abold, Lou Cicconi Jr. and Keith Botelho in NEMA, Anthony Nocella, Cabral, Paul Luggelle, Ed LeClerc Jr., Todd Bertrand and Jesse State joining Viets, Wood and Santa Maria in the Lites.

Among the banquet’s individual winners were president Mike Scrivani Jr. (Johnny Thompson Memorial), Lanson Fornoro (Rookie of the Year), Shawn Torrey (Wen Kelley Memorial). Brian Cleveland (Ray Roberts Memorial) and Jim Miller (Ralph Miller and Shane Hammond Memorials). NEMA’s awards reflect the romance it has for its history.

“There are lots of individual victories out there every race,” summed up Stoehr who suggested “everybody should keep that in mind next year.”
NEMA’s 58th Season
Brockton, MA – The Northeastern Midget Association will put the final touches on the 2010 season – the 58th in the club’s history – at the annual banquet Saturday night, Nov. 20 at Whites of Westport in Westport, MA. The top-15 drivers and owners, led by champion driver Russ Stoehr and the Dumo’s Desire #45 team, will be recognized. There were eight different winners in the 13 races, the championship battles again going to the final event.

The very successful NEMA Lites competitors will be recognized as well. Led by Anthony Nocella, who had three, there were nine Lites winners as the division continued to grow.

Celebrating its history, NEMA will hand out a host of awards honoring standouts of the past. While the Johnny Thomson Award tops the list, the Wen Kelley, Ralph Miller, Joe Csiki, Ray Roberts, Ed Clothier, Ron Evans/Len Thrall and Pat Thibodeau prizes are no less coveted. The Mechanic of the Year, Women behind the Man, Lifetime Membership and the Associate Member Never Say Die Awards will also be presented. “First, the names are special,” says NEMA President Mike Scrivani Jr. “Second, most of the awards go back a long time so each winner joins a very impressive list of former winners. It’s serious stuff.”

It was an emotional ending for Stoehr and the Dumo’s Desire team. Daughter Laura Kibbe decided the team would continue following Gene Angelillo’s death in early March. Stoehr won three times and didn’t clinch until the finale at Thompson.

While he didn’t extend a championship streak to three, runners-up Randy Cabral and Bertrand Racing had reason to celebrate. They did top the win list with four, Cabral putting himself clearly among the club’s best ever statistically. The win list including youngsters Chris Leonard and Chris deRitis, both winning for the first time, and grizzled veterans Lou Cicconi Jr. and Keith Botelho, the latter scoring for the first time in a decade.

The busy Cabral was also a fulltime Lites competitor and, if points were counted, would have probably won that championship as well. He had two victories among eight top-five Lites finishes. The Lites win list showed much the same gap as teenagers like Nocella and veterans like Paul Luggelle appear among a fraternity that also includes Eddie LeClerc Jr., Todd Bertrand, Jim Santa Maria, Jesse State, Bethany Viets and Russ Wood Jr.
Laura Kibbe Continues
Angelillo NEMA Dynasty
Brockton, MA - The Dumo’s Desire team will “definitely be in monkey suits” at the Northeastern Midget Association Awards Banquet Saturday night, Nov. 20 at Whites of Westport in Westport, MA. “My mother would have insisted on it,” reports Owner champion Laura Kibbe. It is the final step in a championship effort for team and driver Russ Stoehr dedicated to Laura’s folks, long-time NEMA stalwarts Gene and Marilyn Angelillo.

It is almost poetic that Stoehr and the team took the point lead for good at the Angelillo Memorial, a race Kibbe sponsored in her parents memory at Waterford Speedbowl in September. They left The ‘Bowl with a 22-point lead. “I realized then the championship was possible,” she recalls. “I said to myself, ‘Wow, this could really happen.”

Stoehr, who now has six titles, four in Angelillo equipment, put a bow on it with a third at Thompson’s World Series.

When Kibbe gathered the gang together on the day of her father’s funeral (he died on March 1), she was not thinking about championships. She had been part of every one of the 14 NEMA titles Gene and Marilyn (who died Sept. 4, 2007) acquired. “I wanted being part of the NEMA family to continue,” she says. “I felt the No. 45 had to be at every NEMA show.” There was commitment from Stoehr and long-time Angelillo friend Joe Fiori, the latter insuring race headquarters would remain at Angelillo’s garage in Oxford, CT.

“I’ll always remember the emotional experience of watching the car take the green in the season opener at Waterford so soon after Gene died,” says Kibbe, a very successful attorney with an incredible international agenda. “Honestly, I wasn’t concerned about championships, even feature wins. I was concerned with keeping the car on the track.”

But things came together. Scottie Law, for instance, stepped up to take on tire responsibilities, something he had never done before. Jack Giannini and Kurt Kiermont, also longtime Angelillo associates, contributed as did Brian Wynn, Paul Liphardt and Nick Rinaldi.

In the final reckoning, Stoehr had three wins among nine top threes and 11 top fives and no DNFs. While the bad luck of defending champions Randy Cabral and Bertrand Racing can’t be dismissed, it was the Dumo’s Desire crew that prevailed. Stoehr, who insists “You can’t do it without a good car and those guys did the car,” was, at least unofficially, the crew chief.

“My father was like a tiebreaker,” explains Kibbe. “People on the crew would disagree about an approach to take and he would end it saying ‘do it this way.’ We didn’t have that anymore. So, I announced Russ is the tiebreaker because he has to be comfortable with equipment under him.” She “checked” with Russ after every race, learning “things were better each time we ran.”

“We never had a conversation about doing it for Gene and Marilyn,” says Stoehr who won three straight titles with Angelillo before retiring in 2002. He returned to driving and Angelillo in 2009. “We wanted to get the job done.”

In the end, Kibbe insists, it was “putting egos aside and everybody coming together. We all had important jobs to do and had we not done that, we would have failed miserably.”

And missed an opportunity to put on those tuxedos.
NEMA Completes 58th Season
BY PETE ZANARDI Brockton, MA - The Northeastern Midget Association finished its 58th racing season at Thompson Speedway’s World Series, Randy Cabral the 25-lap feature winner while third-place finisher Russ Stoehr claimed championships for himself and the Dumo’s Desire #45. The championship battle clearly turned at
Seekonk Speedway’s D.Anthony Venditti Memorial, the admittedly over-aggressive Cabral winding up 21st after an early confrontation.

The “official” ending comes with the usual host of presentations at the annual Awards Banquet Saturday night, Nov 20 at White’s of Westport in Westport, MA.

The championships were a fitting a tribute to Angelillo’s daughter Laura Kibbe who decided to carry on in honor of her mother Marilyn and father. Angelillo died on March 1. It was the sixth title for Stoehr, the 15th for the Angelillo team.

While the championship streak ended at two for Cabral and car owner Tim Bertrand, it was a noteworthy season for the Plymouth, MA competitor. It was the 11th straight season he has won, a mark surpassed only by the legendary Dave Humphrey. He moved into sixth place on NEMA’s all-time win list with 30, just three behind Bill Eldridge. The World Series triumph upped his Thompson total to nine.

Perhaps fittingly, Stoehr took the point lead winning the Angelillo Memorial at Waterford Speedbowl, the most emotional of his three wins. Stoehr now has 43 career wins, two behind third-place Nokie Fornoro. NEMA’s top-two winners – Drew Fornoro (85) and Humphrey (73) appear out of reach.

Stoehr and Cabral shared the podium five times. They were one-two twice: after losing to Cabral at Thompson’s Marvin Rifchin Trophy race by inches, Stoehr prevailed at Monadnock.

There were seven winners including first-timers Chris Leonard and Chris deRitis, both turning the trick at Waterford, a charter-member of NEMA that now shows 45 winners going back to 1953. Other winners included Jeff Abold, Lou Cicconi Jr., Adam Cantor and Keith Botelho. Cicconi and Abold each drove the Seymour #4 in Seekonk’s Open Wheel Wednesday and Boston Louie respectively. Cicconi’s win could well be the most dominating performance of the campaign.

Botelho’s success at the DAV, his first win in 12 years, ranks as the upset of 2010. The car is owned by Russ Stoehr, powered by a 20-plus year old Gaerte engine and crewed by father-and-son Carl and Curt
Kibbe. Carl Kibbe, a two-time NEMA owner champion with 18 NEMA wins, was a winning crew chief for the first time since 1991 with driver Joey Coy at Hudson Speedway.

Forty drivers scored points, with Russ and Greg Stoehr, Cabral, Cantor, deRitis, Bundy, and Scally at all 13 events.

A foursome of youngsters – Todd Bertrand, Lanson Fornoro, Anthony Marvuglio and Anthony Nocella – were all impressive in limited runs. All were active in NEMA Lites action as well.
with 2010 updates
with 2010 updates

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