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Saturday, November 19th
White's of Westport
Westport, MA
2011 NEMA Midgets Owner and Driver Champions - Bertrand Motorsports and Randy Cabral
The Jim O’Brien Memorial Award for outstanding contributions to
family and racing was presented by the O'Brien family to Glen Cabral

Attendance Awards

Appreciation Awad:
Paul Luggelle

Push Truck
Appreciation Awards

Longest Tows:
Cantor Racing, BJ MacDonald,
& Jake Smith

Top Gun Pit Crew Awards

Paul Scally
Special Awards

Wild Child Designs
Best Appearing Cars:
Carl Medeiros #50 LITE
& Paul Scally #30 Midget

Appreciation Awards:
Pete Zanardi, Bobby Seymour,
Tara Stoehr, & Tom Fox

First Time
LITES Winners

First Time
NEMA Winners

Lifetime Memberships:
 Doug Cleveland & Pete Zanardi

11th to 15th

11th to 15th

11th to 15th

 Mechanics of the Year:
Kathryn & Greg Stoehr

Youngest LITES Driver:
Kenny Johnson

Joe Csiki Memorial Most Improved Drivers:
Mike Horn, NEMA
James Santa Maria, LITES

 Pat Thibodeau Youth and Determination Awards:
Anthony Nocella, NEMA
Bethany Stoehr, LITES

Ed Clothier
Rookies of the Year:
Seth Carlson, LITES
Todd Bertrand, NEMA

th to 10th

6th to 10th

Jim O’Brien Memorial Award
Introduced by the O'Brien
Sons: Matt, Dennis & Chris

Jim O’Brien Memorial Award

Jim O’Brien Memorial Award

Jim O’Brien Memorial Award:
Glen Cabral

Brian Caruso Hard Charger
Award: Bethany Stoehr

Johnny Thomson Memorial Award

Johnny Thomson Memorial Award: Greg Stoehr

Ralph Miller Memorial Award for Outstanding and Continuing Perseverance

Ralph Miller Memorial Award:
Dave Leonard

Dick Gallagher Hall of Fame:
Driver Ben Seitz &
Owner Peter Valer

Dick Gallagher
Hall of Fame

The Angelillo Memorial Award, honoring the “Woman behind the Man”  to Tara Stoehr

 Hard Luck Award:
Randy Bigelow

Associate Member
Never Say Die Award:
John Zych

Shane Hammond Sportsmanship Awards presented by
Deb Marvuglio

Shane Hammond Sportsmanship Awards: Christian Briggs & Keith Botelho (with 2010 recipients
Anthony Nocella & Jim Miller
in back)

Ray Roberts Memorial Award:
Lee Bundy
(accepted by Cara Cabral)

Evans/Thrall Top Owner/Driver:
Russ Stoehr

 Wen Kelley Memorial Award:
Glen Cabral

LITES 5th Place:
Paul Luggelle

LITES 4th Place:
Carl Medeiros &
Carl Medeiros Jr.

LITES 3rd Place:
Anthony Nocella &
Matt Seymour

LITES 2nd Place:
Bobby Seymour &
Andy Barrows

NEMA 5th Place:
Jeff Abold (accepted
by Matt Seymour)  &
Greg Stoehr

NEMA 4th Place:
Russ Stohr (accepted by
Karl Kibbe) & Keith Botelho

NEMA 3rd Place:
Cantor Racing

NEMA 3rd Place:
Greg Stoehr

NEMA 2nd Place:
Dumo's Desire Racing &
Russ Stoehr

LITES 1st Place:
Gene Feigel &
Seth Carlson

NEMA Driver
Randy Cabral

NEMA Champions:
Randy Cabral &
Tim Bertrand

2011 NEMA Midgets Owner and Driver Champions: Bertrand Motorsports & Randy Cabral

The Jim O’Brien Memorial Award  was presented by the O'Brien family to Glen Cabral
Photos by Norm Marx
Hardware Harvest at NEMA Banquet
Westport, MA – “I can’t wait to come back next year,” champion Randy Cabral told the 200-plus at the Northeastern Midget Association Awards banquet Saturday night at White of Westport. It was the third championship in four years for Cabral and owner Tim Bertrand.

The NEMA Lites, led by “champions” Gene Feigel and Seth Carlson, shared in the traditional harvest of hardware

Cabral, who dedicated the season to the late car owner Jim O’Brien and super fan Jim Parsons, carried off the biggest trophy as the top 15 owners and drivers in each division were recognized.

Traditional trophies went to Greg Stoehr (the coveted Johnny Thomson Memorial), Greg and Kathryn Stoehr (Mechanic of the Year), Glen Cabral (Wen Kelley Memorial), Lee Bundy (Ray Roberts Memorial) Todd Bertrand and Seth Carlson (NEMA and Lites Ed Clotheir Rookies of the Year), Mike Horn and James Santa Maria (NEMA and Lites Joe Csiki Memorial Most Improved Drivers), Russ Stoehr (Evans/Thrall Top Owner/Driver) and Anthony Nocella and Bethany Stoehr (the NEMA and Lites Pat Thibodeau Youth, Determination and Talent Award winners).

Sons Matt, Dennis and Chris introduced the Jim O’Brien Memorial Award for outstanding contributions to family and racing and presented it to Glen Cabral. On the tenth anniversary of his passing, Brian Caruso was memorialized with a hard charger award that went to Bethany Stoehr. Tara Stoehr accepted the Angelillo Memorial, honoring the “woman behind the man.”

Keith Botelho (NEMA) and Christian Briggs (Lites) won the Shane Hammond Sportsmanship Awards.

Dave Leonard (Ralph Miller Memorial Award for Outstanding and Continuing Perseverance), John Zych Jr. (Associate Member Never Say Die Award) and Randy Bigelow (Hard Luck Award) were recognized.

Lifetime Memberships went to Doug Cleveland and Pete Zanardi.

Driver Ben Seitz and owner Peter Valeri, the dominant team between 2004 and 2007, were inducted into the Dick Gallagher Hall of Fame.

First time NEMA feature winners Mike Horn, Todd Bertrand, Anthony Nocela were recognized as were first-time Lites winners Seth Carlson, Randy Bigelow, Andy Barrows, Ian Cumens, D.J. Moniz. The Scally #30 (NEMA) and the Mederios #50 were the Wild Child Designs best appearing cars. Ted Smith, Cantor Racing of Long Island and Pennsylvania’s BJ MacDonald shared the Long Haul award.

Collecting perfect attendance Awards trophies were the Dumo’s Desire #45, the Bertrand Motorsports #47, the Russ Stoehr #25, The Cantor Racing #7ny, the Scally Racing #30, Lee Bundy’s #2 along with Gene Feigel #71, Paul Luggelle’s #28 and the Bobby Seymour/Andy Barrows #81, the latter three Lites entries.

The Mazda Motorsports Top Gun Pit Crew Awards went to #45 Dumo’s Desire (April), #13 Randy Bigelow (May), #28 Paul Luggelle (June), #93X Mike Horn (July), #39 Bertrand Motorsports (August),
#9 Seymour Racing (September) and #71 Gene Feigel (October)

NEMA – Top 15

Owners: 1. #47 Tim Bertrand, 2. #45 Dumo’ Desire, 3. #7ny Allan Cantor, 4. #25 Russ Stoehr,
5. #26b Greg Stoehr, 6. #30 Paul Scally, 7. #93X Mike Horn, 8. #2 Lee Bundy, 9. #29 Jeff Abold,
10. #9 John Zyck, 11. #22 Dave Leonard, 12. #39 Tim Bertrand, #13. #49 BJ MacDonald,
14. #44 Ed Breault, 15. #3m Jim Miller.

Drivers: 1. Randy Cabral, 2. Russ Stoehr, 3. Greg Stoehr, 4. Keith Botelho, 5. Jeff Abold,
6. Paul Scally, 7. Mike Horn, 8. Jeremy Frankoski, 9. Lee Bundy, 10. Todd Bertrand,
11. Chris Leonard, 12. John Zych, 13. BJ MacDonald, 14. Anthony Nocella, 15. Doug Cleveland.


Owners: 1. #71 Gene Feigel, 2. #81 Bob Seymour, 3. #29 Matt Seymour, 4. #50 Carl Mederios,
5. #28 Paul Luggelle, 6. #26b Greg Stoehr, 7. #13 Randy Bigelow, 8. #99 Susan Santa Maria,
9. #48 David Igo, 10. #9 Bob Seymour, 11. #18. DJ Moniz, 12. #4 Paul Scally,
13. #21 Jennifer Scrivani, 14. #44 Christian Briggs, 15. #3 Randy Bigelow.

Drivers: 1. Seth Carlson, 2. Andy Barrows, 3. Anthony Nocella, 4. Carl Mederios Jr., 5. Paul Luggelle,
6. Ryan Bigelow, 7. Bethany Stoehr, 8. Brandon Igo, 9. Anthony Marvuglio, 10. James Santa Maria, 11. DJ Moniz, 12. Randy Cabral, 13. Christian Briggs, 14. Paul Bigelow, 15. Lanson Fornoro.

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