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Heat 1

45 - R. Steohr
76 - M. Buonomo
54 - D. Fonoro
4 - B. Seymour
12X - K. Carpenter
10 - L. Bundy
47 - T. Bertrand
17 - B. Seitz
29 - G. Cabral
35 - R. Cabral
33 - J. Libby little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)
88 - D. Rosenfeld little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes) = DNF

Heat 2

98 - M. Roselli
15 - R. Dolan
46 - R. Boetticher
77 - M. Luggelle
2 - H. Bumpus
21 B. Kittredge
7NY - A. Cantor
44 - E. Breault
81 - T. Heath
50 - P Pernesiglio
3 - T. Spada little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)

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The Icebreaker

April 6-7, 2002


1 15 R. Dolan  
2 45 R. Stoehr  
3 98 M. Roselli  
4 44 E. Breault  
5 54 D. Fonoro  
6 35 R. Cabral Hard Charger
7 2 H. Bumpus  
8 50 P. Pernesiglio  
9 17 B. Seitz  
10 81 T. Heath  
11 7NY A. Cantor  
12 77 M. Luggelle  
13 12X K. Carpenter  
14 98X G. Monschein  
15 79 G. Cabral DNF
16 46 R. Boetticher DNF
17 4 B. Seymour DNF
18 21 B. Kittredge DNF
19 47 T. Bertrand DNF
20 76 M. Buonomo DNF
21 88 D. Rosenfield DNF
22 22 A. Shlatz DNF

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Dolan NEMA's Youngest Even Winner

Thompson, CT - The Northeastern Midget Association kicked off its 50th season with its youngest-ever winner Sunday at Thompson Speedway's Icebreaker. Ryan Dolan, 16, passed Russ Stoehr twice and went on to capture the 25-lap feature in convincing style.

"Unbelievable," offered the unusually reserved youngster who will not be 17 until July. It was only the seventh start for Concord, MA resident who was clicking off laps in the 18.2-18.3 seconds range in the Esslinger-powered Hawk chassis.

Coming from the fourth starting spot, Dolan took second from pole sitter Rudy Boetticher Jr. in turn one of lap two. He ran down and passed Stoehr five laps later. The pass began in one and ended coming out of four. "I stuck it in there pretty good," Dolan said. "We were side-by-side and I was able to maintain the speed coming out."

On the first restart, Stoehr managed to get away and Dolan, now with Mike Roselli Jr. on his tail, had to chase down and pass the two-time defending champion again. "On the first restart I wasn't prepared," explained Dolan. "I didn't get up to speed but on the other restarts I was ready."

Twice he got away from runner-up Stoehr, the last time with seven laps remaining. "We both sat where we supposed to be. He just out-did us today," said Stoehr. "I just watched him get small."

Stoehr held off Roselli for second. Ed Breault's late surge resulted in a fourth with Drew Fornoro fifth. Randy Cabral (who came from 17th), Howie Bumpus, Pete Pernesiglio, Ben Seitz and Tim Heath completed the top-10. Seitz and Heath are both rookies.

One of the drivers to take advantage of NEMA's new age requirements last year, Dolan had to wait until July to reach 16. In two starts on the ultra-quick Thompson five-eighths, he has a second and first. He is NEMA's 103rd feature winner.

According to Dolan a leaking right rear shock plagued the team on Saturday. A special representative from Shadow Racing Products of New Jersey was dispatched to fix the problem. "It made all the difference," said Dolan.

"He was in a league of his own," said Bobby Seymour. "He never made a mistake, never a bobble. He probably was going faster than anyone has ever gone in a Midget at Thompson and maybe by three or four tenths."

"The kid was hooked up," said NEMA's all-time feature winner Fornoro. "When that happens it looks like you have a big motor advantage. He was just coming out like a shot because he was hooked up. That was the difference."

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Howie Hodge Photo

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Howie Hodge Photo

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Hard Charger
Award Winner

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Howie Hodge Photo

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