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Heat 1
12x - K. Carpenter
7ny - A. Cantor
62 - C. Morton
81 - T. Heath
50 - P, Pernesiglio
35 - R. Cabral
15 - R. Dolan
88 - D. Cleveland
57 - B. Bradbury

Heat 2
54 - D. Fonoro
4 - B. Seymour
46 - R. Boetticher

2 - H. Bumpus
47 - T. Bertrand

59 - N. Fonoro
77 - M. Luggelle
16 - M. O'Brien
44 - E. Breault

Heat 3

9 - B. Santos

12w - P. DiMario
76 - M. Buonomo
45 - R. Stoehr
17 - B. Seitz
22 - A. Shlatz
5 - L. Cheetham
79 - G. Cabrallittle black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes) = DNF

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Race 10

Canaan Speedway

August 11, 2002


1 54 D. Fonoro -
2 45 R. Stoehr -
3 2 H. Bumpus -
4 35 R. Cabral -
5 15 R. Dolan -
6 62 C. Morton -
7 49 J. Payne, Jr. Hard
8 12x K. Carpenter -
9 44 E. Breault -
10 81 T. Heath -
11 4 B. Seymour -
12 9 B. Santos -
13 47 T. Bertrand -
14 77 M. Luggelle -
15 46 R. Boetticher Jr. -
16 17 B. Seitz -
17 79 G. Cabral -
18 16 M. O'Brien -
19 57 B. Bradbury -
20 22 A. Shlatz -
21 3 T. Spada -
22 59 N. Fonoro DNF
23 76 M. Buonomo DNF
24 34 P. Pernesiglio DNF
25 7ny A. Cantor DNF
26 87 D. Cleveland DNF
27 5 L. Cheetham DNF
28 12w P. DiMario DNF

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Bumpus, Fornoro Grab NEMA Wins
at Star and Canaan

Veterans Howard Bumpus and Drew Fornoro were the winners as the Northeastern Midget Association’s 50th birthday celebration continued with another “weekend in New Hampshire.” No doubt, both would like more “Granite State” ventures.

Bumpus became the first NEMA driver in 30 races to post back-to-back victories, coming from the back to prevail in the Don Berrio #2 at Star Speedway Saturday night. Bumpus, who won at Hudson on July 14, capped off an eventful night passing Fornoro for the lead with three laps left.

Fornoro, in the Campanale Brothers #54, started 13th and took the lead before the halfway point in capturing the 25 lapper at Canaan USA on Sunday night. It was the second win of the season (the first coming at Star on July 13) and the 81st career triumph for NEMA’s all-time feature winner.

Cautions played a key role for Bumpus who had come from 27th to second when the final yellow waived with five left. Two laps later, Bumpus went around Fornoro heading into turn one.

Bumpus got a “provisional’ start (one of three granted) after bending an axle in his heat. Finally finding a suitable replacement (from Mark Buonomo), Bumpus, who missed the B-Main, lined up last. Before the race was nine laps old, there were seven cautions and Bumpus was sitting 12th.

Grabbing second from Barry Kittredge on lap 16, Bumpus began closing on Fornoro, the latter leading since a lap nine restart. Bumpus was on Fornoro’s bumper when the final yellow showed.

The Hard Charger prize went to Bumpus as well, but runs from the back were almost commonplace. B-Main winner Randy Cabral came from 22nd to claim third. Involved in a lap five incident (which eliminated Joey Payne Jr.), defending champ and current point leader Russ Steohr stormed back to fourth. Adam Cantor was fifth.

Among the leaders throughout, Kittredge slowed on the final restart and drifted back.

Fornoro was the third leader at Canaan. He took over from Bobby Santos III on a lap 12 restart. Santos had assumed command from Chuck Morton on lap three and had a sizable lead when the second yellow flew for Kyle Carpenter’s off-track (turns one and two) adventure.

Stoehr took advantage of a Santos bobble to grab second on the restart. Fornoro seemed to have him covered, however, the #54 winning by a comfortable margin despite the final caution with six to go.

Bumpus’ late rush earned a third at Canaan, capping off a great weekend. Randy Cabral and Ryan Dolan completed the top five. Payne, who came from deep in the field to finish seventh, was the Hard Charger.

Kyle Carpenter and Drew Fornoro each had two heat wins. Nokie Fornoro (Star) and Santos (Canaan) won as well.

NEMA now gets a week off before the Aug. 24 Boston Louie Memorial at Waterford Speedbowl.

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Breault and Mike Scrivani in addition to Buonomo were instrumental in Bumpus getting his problem solved at Star…Stoehr was the last to win two straight back in 2000…Doug Cleveland (in the Rosenfield #88) and Tommy Spada were also given provisional stars at Star…Car counts remain strong –29 at Star, 28 at Canaan.




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