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Heat 1
45-R. Stoehr
77-M. Lugelle
81-T. Heath
44-E. Breault
12x-K. Carpenter
47-T. Bertrand
2-H. Bumpus
7ny-A. Cantor
50-P. Pernesiglio
3-T. Spada
59-N. Fonorolittle black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)
51-M. Wonderlittle black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)
18-R. Grebelittle black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes) = DNF

Heat 2
17-B. Seitz
4-B. Seymour
62-C. Morton
35-R. Cabral
54-D. Fonoro
76-M. Buonomo
15-R. Dolan
98-M. Roselli
21- B. Kittredge
44x-G. Cabral
22-A. Shlatz
16-M. O'Brien
57- B. Bradbury
9-B. Santoslittle black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)

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Race 13

Waterford Speedbowl

Town Fair Tire Finale

October 6, 2002

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1 35 R. Cabral Hard
2 4 B. Seymour -
3 12x K. Carpenter -
4 45 R. Stoehr -
5 62 C. Morton -
6 2 H. Bumpus -
7 44 E. Breault -
8 50 P. Pernesiglio -
9 54 D. Fonoro -
10 7ny A. Cantor -
11 21 B. Kittredge -
12 77 M. Lugelle -
13 47 T. Bertrand
14 16 M. O'Brien
15 3 T. Spada
16 57 B. Bradbury
17 22 A. Shlatz DNF
18 15 R. Dolan


19 76 M. Buonomo DNF
20 44x G. Cabral DNF
21 59 N. Fonoro DNF
22 17 B. Seitz DNF
23 9 B. Santos III DNF
24 81 T. Heath DNF
25 98 M. Roselli Jr. DNF
- 5 L. Cheetham DNS
- 18 R. Gerbe DNS
- 51 M. Wonder III DNS

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Cabral NEMA Winner at Waterford

Waterford, CT - Randy Cabral matched a little desire, premonition and knowledge and turned it into a winning recipe Sunday. Taking the lead on a lap 14 restart, Cabral won the 25-lap Northeastern Midget Association of the Town Fair Tire Finale at Waterford Speedbowl.

It was the first win of the year (and the first ever at The Speedbowl) for Cabral who moved into second in the 2002 point race with his fifth career win.

Cabral took the lead from Bobby Seymour on a restart following the third stoppage (a red). He dove below Seymour heading into one, had a clear lead exiting two and went on to build a comfortable lead in the closing laps.

“I really felt that was going to be the last restart,” explained Cabral. “Bobby was on the bottom and got the jump. I kind of drafted him and than shot underneath him. I knew if he got away from me it would be all over.”

He was confident, explaining “if [Bobby] knows you’re there, if you show him a wheel, he’s not going to come down on you. I think we know what each other is going to do.”

Seymour grabbed the lead from Mike Luggelle shortly after the first restart and had a big edge when yellow flew again with 17 laps eight. Cabral, who had passed Chuck Morton three laps previous, was now second. Over the next four laps Seymour and Cabral were often side-by-side, exchanging the lead twice.

The stoppage resulted in stagger problems for Seymour. “On the red, my car seemed to cool off and began to push a little bit,” he explained. “We were a tick off and the way Randy was running, we couldn’t afford that.”

Kyle Carpenter had a career-best third, taking the spot away from point-leader Russ Stoehr with six laps to go. Stoehr used an outside move on the final restart to grab five spots. He held on to all but one of them and takes an 81-point lead over Cabral in the World Series at Thompson on Oct. 26-27.

Morton finished a strong fourth followed by Howie Bumpus, Ed Breault, Pete Pernesiglio, Drew Fornoro, Adam Cantor and Barry Kittredge.

“This is a big win because we’ve had so many good finishes at Waterford,” said Cabral. “I wanted to conquer this place finally. We went into this year wanting three things – at least one win, a Waterford win and the Boston Louie. We got two of them in one swoop today.”

Stoehr and Ben Seitz were the heat winners.

Cabral is the ninth winner of the year joining Bumpus, Ryan Dolan, Drew Fornoro, Tim Bertrand, Seymour, Stoehr, Bobby Santos III, and Pernesiglio.

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