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Heat 1
50 -  P. Pernesiglio
4 - B. Seymour
76 - M. Buonomo
35 - R. Cabral
54 - D. Fonoro
15 - R. Dolan
81 - T. Heath
3 - T. Spada little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)
10 - L. Bundy little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)
47 - T. Bertrand little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)
12x - K. Carpenterlittle black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes) = DNF

Heat 2
45 - R. Stoehr
2 - H. Bumpus
21 - B. Kittredge
16 - M. O'Brien
17 - B. Seitz
79 - G. Cabral
57 - B. Bradbury
88 - D. Rosenfield
59 - B. Seymour little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)
33 - J. Libby little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)
98 - M. Roselli little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)
44 - E. Breault little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)

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Waterford Speedbowl

April 13-14,2002


1 50 P. Pernesiglio  
2 45 R. Stoehr  
3 35 R. Cabral  
4 54 D. Fonoro  
5 15 R. Dolan  
6 81 T. Heath  
7 12x K. Carpenter Hard Charger
8 2 H. Bumpus  
9 7ny A. Cantor  
10 44 E. Breault  
11 16 M. O'Brien  
12 33 J. Libby  
13 57 B. Bradbury  
14 88 D. Rosenfield  
15 4 B. Seymour DNF
16 98 M. Roselli DNF
17 47 T. Bertrand DNF
18 21 B. Kittredge DNF
19 76 M Buonomo DNF
20 17 B. Seitz DNF
21 3 T. Spada DNF
22 79 G. Cabral DNF

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Waterford, CT - Pete Pernesiglio got away on a restart with 11 laps remaining, but he knew he wasn't finished with two-time defending Northeastern Midget champion Russ Stoehr. And sure enough, Stoehr came back to make another challenge before the Long Island could claim the 25-lap NEMA feature segment on Sunday's Budweiser Modified Nationals at Waterford Speedbowl.

It was the second career win for Pernesiglio who started on the pole but found it anything but easy. He had to best Stoehr on two restarts, the last with 11 laps remaining.

"I figured if I got him on the first one I could do it again," said Pernesiglio. "But he was right there and I just gave it all I had. I turned the wick up as high as I could."

They were side-by-side for two laps before Pernesiglio "saw [Stoehr's] left front disappear. Then I felt I was in pretty good shape. But I know Russ. I knew he wasn't going to keep trying the outside and that he would lay back, cool his tires and make another charge."

So, with five laps left, Pernesiglio was "looking for shadows" but never saw them "I didn't know how far Russ was behind me," he said. "I just figured 'if I can concentrate I'll be OK.'"

"The car was working pretty well toward the end," said Stoehr, who now has two straight runner-up finishes. "We just didn't have enough time."

Randy Cabral, after battling Drew Fornoro, wound up third. Five through 10 were Ryan Dolan, Tim Heath, Kyle Carpenter, Howard Bumpus, Adam Cantor and Ed Breault. Carpenter won the Hard Charter Award.

Five cautions (an usually messing Speedbowl outing for NEMA) worried Pernesiglio whose "nerves were shot" at the end of the event. After turning 13.2 seconds laps en route to a heat win on Saturday, he "felt pretty good going into Sunday." But the cautions dimmed that.

Barry Kittredge provided the opposition on the first three restarts. On the third he blew a tire that sent him into the first turn armco. It set up the first of' Stoehr's challenges. It followed other crashes that involved Glen Cabral, Timmy Spada, Ben Seitz, Mark Buonomo and Bobby Seymour.

Pernesiglio's first win came at Star Speedway in June of '99. "I wanted a second one bad to prove the first was no fluke," he said. "Tell you the truth, this one was harder to get."

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