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Adirondack International Speedway

May 25, 2002


1 4 B. Seymour  
2 45 R. Stoehr  
3 59 N. Fonoro  
4 12w P. Dimario  
5 12x K. Carpenter  
6 7ny A. Cantor  
7 76 M Buonomo  
8 50 P. Pernesiglio  
9 46 R. Boetticher  
10 21 B. Kittredge  
11 17 B. Seitz  
12 54 D. Fonoro  
13 35 R. Cabral  
14 81 T. Heath  
15 51 M. Wonder  
16 10 L. Bundy  
17 57 B. Bradbury  
18 3 T. Spada  
19 88 D. Rosenfield  
20 77 M. Luggelle  
21 9 Bobby Santos III  
22 2 H. Bumpus  
23 44 E. Breault  
24 47 T. Bertrand  
25 16 M. O'Brien  
26 33 J. Libby  
27 15 R. Dolan DNS

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Bobby Seymour NEMA Winner
at Adirondack


Lowville, NY – Bobby Seymour took the lead from Russ Stoehr in the backstretch on lap 19 and then held on to capture the 30-lap Northeastern Midget Association feature Saturday night at Adirondack International Speedway.

Posting his 23rd career NEMA victory, Seymour actually led twice as the beautiful half-mile facility hosted Midgets for the first time. Starting outside front row, Seymour put the Scrivani Autocraft/Hawk into the immediate lead and held on until Stoehr (Angelillo 45) passed him on the only restart on lap 11.

Seymour took advantage of a brief Stoehr bobble to get it back. Stoehr, who now has three seconds in as many races this season, stormed back in the closing laps to finish on Seymour’s bumper. Nokie Fornoro, in the Skip Hultgren machine, also came on strong to finish third, glued to Stoehr’s tail.

It capped off a busy day for Fornoro who hit two deer en route to Adirondack, his car suffering extensive front-end damage. Hultgren had to go get his driver. They got to the track in time to make the second heat which Fornoro, who had no practice, won.

Phil DiMario, in the Wakefoose car, was fourth with second-year driver Kyle Carpenter coming from 21st to claim fifth. Carpenter was the hard charger. The hard luck prize had to go to young Bobby Santos III. Making his first Midget start, Santos was third in his heat and was running third on lap 20 when black flagged (excessive smoke). Santos was in a Seymour car.

Adam Canter, Mark Buonomo, Pete Pernesiglio, Rudy Boetticher and Barry Kittredge filled out the top 10. Behind the top four, cars took advantage of Adirondack’s amble width to run three and four deep. “It was the first time Midgets ran there and I think we passed the test,” said NEMA president Gene Angelillo.

Stoehr won the first heat. Twenty seven cars made the trek to Adirondak, 26 starting.

It was Seymour’s first win since a triumph at Star a year ago last May. NEMA continues its 50th anniversary celebration with a return to Star Speedway on Saturday night June 8 with three different winners in as many races this year – Ryan Dolan, Pernesiglio and Seymour.

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Photos by Ellie

392Santos_Seymour.jpg (36902 bytes)
Santos - Seymour

Grant_Rifkin.jpg (75480 bytes)
Grant - Rifchin

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