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Sheila Somers Photo

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The Icebreaker

April 12-13, 2003


1 91 Drew Fornoro  
2 7ny Adam Cantor  
3 36 Randy Cabral Hard
4 2 Howie Bumpus  
5 45 Joey Payne  
6 44 Ed Breault  
7 10c Sean Caisse  
8 50 Pete Pernesiglio  
9 17 Ben Seitz  
10 5 Nokie Fornoro  
11 12 Kyle Carpenter  
12 35 Keith Botelho  
13 46 Rudy Boetticher  
14 15 R. Dolan  
15 18 Rich Gerbe  
16 98 M. Roselli  
17 76 Mark Buonomo  
18 47 Tim Bertrand  
19 81 Tim Heath  
20 3 Tommy Spada  
21 32 Justin Barger  
- 16 Matt O'Brien DNS
- 87 Doug Cleveland DNS
- 29 Bobby Santos III DQ

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NEMA Icebreaker Win For Fornoro After Santos’ Car DQed

Thompson, CT - Drew Fornoro was "not crazy about it but I’ll take it.” He had no choice. The veteran got the win in Sunday’s 25-lap Northeastern Midget Association win at Thompson Speedway’s Icebreaker when the car Bobby Santos III drove failed tech.

Santos finished a half-straightaway ahead of Fornoro but his Seymour-owned car failed the “bulge test” and was too wide by “about a half inch.” The 17-year old dominated the race, taking the lead on the third and last restart and quickly opening a commanding lead.

Fornoro, in the Campanale Bros. #91, took second from Ed Breault heading into turn one with 14 laps remaining. “I could see where he was,” said Fornoro. “I could run as quick but I went into cruise control hoping we’d get a yellow and maybe I’d have more than him, but it never came.”

After early problems - two yellows and a red before it was three laps old – the race ended with 22 straight green flag laps despite a slippery surface. Santos was never challenged..

”I thought Bobby [Seymour] was kidding when he told me[about the DQ],” said Santos.

Seeking to correct a stagger problem, Seymour put a new wheel and tire on the car before the feature. “In all the rushing around, I didn’t check,” he admitted. “I’m mad at myself and I apologized to the kid for taking a win away from him.”

It was the 83rd checkered for Fornoro, NEMA’s all-time win leader. It was Fornoro’s sixth season opening win and it is the 21st season in which he has won, both club records.

Adam Cantor (Cantor #7), Randy Cabral (Cabral #36), Howard Bumpus (Berrio #2) and Joey Payne Jr. (Angelillo #45) completed the top five. Rookie Shawn Caisse (Caisse #10c) came from 22nd to finish seventh just behind Breault.

“There is a positive,” insisted Santos. “We know we won the race. Our goal is to win as many races as we can and this isn’t going to slow us down. I know this isn’t going to happen again.”

Santos started sixth and grabbed second following the first restart. He actually had the lead when Buonomo crashed and had little trouble reclaiming it. “I knew the car was really good and I felt pretty sure nobody was going to catch us,” he said. “The car had more but I didn’t need to use it.”

Seventh on the final restart, Fornoro needed two laps to grab third behind Breault.

The Wirtgen America-NEMA series is now idle until a doubleheader weekend on May 10-11. NEMA will visit Star Speedway on Saturday night and be part of Waterford Speedbowl’s rescheduled Budweiser Modified Nationals on Sunday.

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Photos by
Norm Marx


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