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Oswego Speedway

August 30, 2003

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Payne Gets Oswego
NEMA Prize

Oswego, NY – “The Right Place At the Right Time” – as hackneyed at it is, nothing describes Joey Payne Jr.’s Oswego Classic 25-lap Northeastern Midget Association win better. It was the fourth win of the season for the point-leading Payne/Angelillo team.

Payne inherited the lead when, on the final lap, leader Randy Cabral spun coming out of turn two collecting second place Phil DiMario as well. The incident ended end a Cabral-DiMario battle that ranged for some five laps. Cabral, with DiMario on his tail, turned a 17.1 the prior lap.

“They just keep giving me gifts and I’ll just keep taking them,” said Payne who twice get victories via disqualifications. He was about six car lengths behind the leaders when the incident happened.
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Jim Feeney Photos

Beating back a momentary (single file) restart challenge from Sean Caisse, Payne went on to win by three car lengths over Caisse, the latter most impressive in his first run on the lightning quick Oswego.

Drew Fornoro wound up fourth followed by Howie Bumpus and pole sitter and early leader Pete Pernesiglio.

Payne, who started 26th, the result of a broken magneto in his heat, was the Hard Charger winner for the fourth time this season. When the second caution showed on lap 17, Payne had climbed to fourth behind Cabral, Caisse and DiMario.

Cabral, who had led since lap four, got away on the restart. DiMario, who set tongues wagging with a 16.8 seconds lap earlier, took second from Caisse on lap 19 pulling Payne along with him. He quickly closed in on Cabral and there was every indication a great finish was in store.

Coming from 12th to third by lap two, Cabral took the lead from Pernesiglio two laps later and opened up a wide gap before Caisse cleared traffic and began chasing him down. Meanwhile DiMario, who started 13th, and Payne were charging.

DiMario, Ed Breault and Mike Roselli were heat winners.

It was the seventh Oswego win for Gene Angelillo. Payne, who signed on with Angelillo this year, added to his Oswego resume, which also includes a Sept. 5, 1998 IMSA, checkered.

NEMA will be at Adirondack Speedway on Sept. 27th, kicking off a grand finish that includes Waterford Speedowl’s Finale (Oct. 4-5), Seekonk Speedway’s DAV (Oct. 11-12) and Thompson’s World Series (Oct. 18-19).

HEAT #1-1. Phil DiMario (12W) 2. Pete Pernesiglio (50)

3. Bobby Santos III (29) 4. Sean Caisse (10C)
5. Nokie Fornoro (5) 6. Rudy Boetticher (46) 7. Matt O'Brien (16) 8. Joey Payne (45) 9. Shane Hammond (35) 10. Lee Bundy (11)

HEAT #2-1. Ed Breault (44) 2. Drew Fornoro (91)

3. Kyle Carpenter (12) 4. Tim Heath (81) 5. Adam Cantor (7NY) 6. Erica Santos (8) 7. Robert Boetticher (56)
8. Doug Cleveland (22) 9. Gary Halteman (61)

HEAT #3-1. Mike Roselli (98) 2. Howie Bumpus (2)

3. Randy Cabral (36) 4. Ryan Dolan (15) 5. Ben Seitz (17)
6. Fred Schell (75) 7. Chuck Welling (69) 8. Bob Bradbury (57)
9. Mike Luggelle (33)

FEATURE (25 Laps)-1. Joey Payne (45) 2. Sean Caisse (10C)

3. Drew Fornoro (91) 4. Howie Bumpus (2)
5. Pete Pernesiglio (50) 6. Adam Cantor (7NY)
7. Tim Heath (81) 8. Kyle Carpenter (12) 9. Ed Breault (44)
10. Rudy Boetticher (46) 11. Randy Cabral (36)
12. Fred Schell (75) 13. Robert Boetticher (56)
14. Doug Cleveland (22) 15. Gary Halteman (61)
16. Matt O'Brien (16) 17. Chuck Welling (69)
18. Phil DiMario (12W) 19. Nokie Fornoro (5)
20. Ryan Dolan (15) 21. Mike Roselli (98) 22. Ben Seitz (17)
23. Erica Santos (8) 24. Bob Bradbury (57)
25. Shane Hammond (35) 26. Bobby Santos III (29)
27. Lee Bundy (11)    DNS - Mike Lugelle

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The Classic at Oswego Speedway
is up next on August 30th

Joey Payne Jr. and Gene Angelillo take the Northeastern Midget Association point leads into The 25-lap feature (Aug. 30) that is part of The Classic at Oswego Speedway. Payne and Angelillo, after a sixth straight owner title, lead Drew Fornoro and the Campanale Brothers by 186 points.

Angelillo is looking for his seventh win at the speedy five-eights. He has three each with Fornoro and Russ Stoehr. Payne, who signed on with Angelillo this year, hopes to add a Midget win to his Sept. 5, 1998 Oswego IMSA checkered.

Oswego and Thompson are the fastest stops on the NEMA schedule.

“My all-time favorite track,” says Payne. “It separates the men from the boys. You can almost run it flat out if you're set up is right. The backstretch is almost a turn, a long sweeping turn.”

“I’ve gone there with two great drivers,” said Angelillo. “Now, I’m going with another one. You go there prepared.”

Stoehr and Fornoro, with eight and four respectively, are the top two NEMA career Oswego winners. Fornoro won NEMA’s first visit to Oswego in 1990 and captured last year’s Classic visit in the Campanale car.

“It’s a big rhythm track,” offers Stoehr who is not racing this year. “I’ve had a lot of success there because I pass on the outside. Guys that get down in the groove can’t do that. Actually, it’s a pretty easy place to drive. If you make a mistake at Oswego, there’s usually room to get out of it.”

Everybody agrees the difference between fast and slow is never greater than at Oswego. “You really have to pay attention,” says Payne. “You come up on slower traffic really quickly.”

Among active competitors, Nokie Fornoro (2), Mike Roselli Jr. and Howard Bumpus have also tasted Oswego success.

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