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Jan. 28, 2006 at White's of Westport

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2005 Driver Champion Ben Seitz with NEMA President Mike Scrivani

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nokie Fornoro - "Still Hot @50"
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Seitz and Angelillo Honored
at NEMA Banquet

Westport, MA: The annual NEMA banquet to honor champions Ben Seitz of Monument Beach, MA and Gene Angelillo of Waterbury, CT was held on Saturday night at the beautiful White's of Westport. The fun-filled event that featured award presentations, an auction, and a surprise birthday celebration for long-time competitor Nokie Fornoro, mirrored the atmosphere that surrounds the Northeastern Midget Association. The Club continues to demonstrate an ever-present camaraderie between the competitors while maintaining the integrity of the time-honored traditions of Midget racing.

The defending champion Ben Seitz took center stage again as he celebrated his second-consecutive driving title. An impressive record that included four wins and a remarkable 13 top-five finishes in 15 starts led to the honor.

"I have the advantage of being surrounded by some of the best people in racing," said Seitz of his championship run. "People like Pete Valeri, Sam Lorusso of Cape Cod Aggregates and their families, my family, Mike Scrivani and so many more, really make me look good each week."

Unfortunately, the owner's champion Angelillo and his driver Joey Payne were unable to attend the gala event. During the 2005 season, the duo combined to score 3 wins, 11 top three and 13 top-five finishes in 15 starts. The performances earned Angelillo an unprecedented fourteenth owner's championship (in NEMA). Bobby Seymour was on hand to accept the numerous accolades bestowed on Angelillo and Payne. On Sunday, Angelillo was honored by the NEAR Hall of Fame.

Teams were presented with awards courtesy of Hoosier Racing Tires and Hoosier Tires East, Inc. A number of specialty awards were presented during the evening as well. A rousing applause rang out with each presentation showing that the NEMA faithful approved of the selections.

Shawn Torrey was humbled by his recognition as the Johnny Thomson Memorial Award winner. Shane Hammond was presented with the Joe Csiki Most Improved Driver Award while Kevin Keeler jubilantly accepted the Mechanic of the Year Award. By virtue of his finish in the point standings Lee Bundy earned the Evans/Thrall Top Owner-Driver as the highest finishing owner/driver in the final point standings.

After placing third in the driver points standings during the 2005 season, Mike Keeler was hornored with the Ed Clotheir Rookie-of-the-Year Award.

NEMA young gun Mike Ordway Jr. was honored with the Pat Thobodeau Youth and Determination Award.

Bobby Seymour received the Gallagher Award Hall of Fame Award courtesy of David Steward in memory of his uncle and grandmother, Dick Gallagher and Helen Gallagher Donaghey.

Alex Shlatz was another big winner on Saturday night. His years of dedication to NEMA were recognized with the Ralph Miller Award, donated in loving memory of Ralph by his daughter and son-in-law Cathy and John Calure, which recognizes Outstanding and Continuing Perseverance of a Club member as well as the Ray Roberts Award which salutes the efforts of the "underdogs".

Cantor Racing was honored with Best Appearing Car of 2005 by Wild Child Design.

Patty Campanale was aptly honored with the Wen Kelley Memorial Award for exhibiting outstanding dedication and service to NEMA. 

"I have to thank Patty for bailing me out and shouldering the burden," said President Mike Scrivani noting the merit of the award.

The push truck operators and the members with perfect attendance received beautifully crafted plaques of appreciation. Appreciation Awards were also presented Lance Fornoro, Jared Fornoro, and Nofri Fornoro.

Other noteworthy honors included a presentation by Andy and Alex Shlatz in recognition of their 2005 sponsors Rafferty's Fine Grading.

Poignant speeches were given by Peter Valeri and Bobby Seymour, who each expressed their gratitude for being part of the continuity and history of NEMA. The evening wrapped up with a rousing presentation of "Still Hot @50" Hot Sauce to Nokie Fornoro in celebration of his birthday.

The 2006 season will undoubtedly produce many more moments to be celebrated. The season gets underway at the Waterford Speedbowl on April 1 & 2 as NEMA participates in the Budweiser Nationals.

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