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AIR Race Winner - Adam Cantor

Photos by Sheila Somers and John Barnes
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AIR Finishing Order - 6/4/05
Pos. # Driver Hometown Owner
1 7ny Adam Cantor Dix Hills, NY Cantor Racing
2 12 Kyle Carpenter Gloucester, MA Brad Carpenter
3 45 Joey Payne Pomona, NJ Gene Angelillo
4 2 Howie Bumpus Lakeville, MA Don Berrio
5 35 Randy Cabral Plymouth, MA Glen Cabral
6 99 Mike Ordway Jr. Freemont, NH Chris Desrosiers
7 55 Mike Keeler Danbury, CT Kevin Keeler
8 44 Ed Breault rebullet.gif (1845 bytes) Lincoln, RI Ed Breault
9 78 Doug Cleveland Sudbury, MA Linda Cleveland
10 22 Andy Shlatz Enfield, CT Alex Shlatz
11 11 Lee Bundy Kennebunkport, ME Lee Bundy
12 55L Shawn Torrey Marshfield, MA Shawn Torrey
13 37 Shane Hammond E. Bridgewater, MA Jack Glockner
14 36 Ben Seitz Monument
Beach, MA
Glen Cabral
15 77 Mike Luggelle Hull, MA Mike Luggelle
DNS 3 Tommy Spada Kensington, CT Gino Spada
DNS 17 Ben Seitz Monument
Beach, MA
Pete Valeri
rebullet.gif (1845 bytes)Cap Cod Aggregates "Hard Charger" Award
-  Ed Breault  -

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The NEMA midgets travelled to Adirondack Speedway in Beaver Falls, NY to write their second event of the 2005 season into the record books on June 4th.

Joey Payne won Heat One and set the unofficial track record with a scorching 14.1 second lap for an average of just over 125 mph on the 10 degree banked 1/2 mile half oval.

Howie Bumpus in the #2 Helping Hands midget was the Heat Two winner.

From the third place starting spot, Adam Cantor in the #7ny jumped into the lead in turn one. By lap 4, the running order was Cantor, #37 Shane Hammond (from the pole), #45 Joey Payne (up from 6th), #12 Kyle Carpenter (from 8th) and #2 Howie Bumpus (started 4th).

The race was red flagged on lap 5 when the #77 of Mike Lugelle lost an o-ring and oiled down the track. During the cleanup the #55x Mike Keeler went to the pits with a right rear flat, the #37 of Hammond was found to have a broken suspension rod, and the #45 of Payne and the #44 of Ed Breault went to the pits for adjustments.

At the restart Adam Cantor and Kyle Carpenter began a race long battle while Payne in the #45 began making his climb through the field after his pit stop. Kyle took the lead on lap 22, but Adam grabbed it right back on the next lap. Payne was up to fourth on lap 22 and into third at the finish.

The top three midgets put on one heck of show in traffic.

NEMA newcomer, sixteen-year-old Mike Ordway Jr. ran a strong race starting ninth and finishing sixth.

Defending NEMA Champion and 2005 points leader Ben Seitz blew the motor in his #17 during his heat race. He moved into the #36 of Glen Cabral for the feature only to lose another engine and post a fourteenth place finish.

Tommy Spada, turning some personal best laps in practice, also suffered engine failure in his #3 and was a DNS for the feature.

NEMA's next events are at Star Speedway, Epping, NH on Saturday Night, June 11th and then onto Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk, MA, on Saturday June 18th.

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