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January 13th at White's of Westport

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The 2006 Champions
Ben Seitz, Peter Valeri
#17 Crew, & Families

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NEMA Champs with three consecutive driving championships: L to R - Russ Stoehr,
Ben Seitz, and Dave Humphrey

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Mike's "Angels" - Linda Cleveland,
Debbie Fornoro, Lu Jarret,
and Deb Marvuglio
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11th to 15th:
Drivers:Jeff Horn, Muke Lugelle,
Mike Ordway Jr., Kevin Park,
& Adam Cantor
Owners: Jeff Horn, Gene Angellilo,
Ed Breault, Mike Luggelle,
& Kevin Park
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6th to 10th:
Drivers:Mike Keeler, Corey Cleary,
Bobby Santos III, Greg Stoehr,
& Pete Pernisiglio
Owners: Jack Glockner, Power Point Racing, Pete Pernisiglio,
& Cantor Racing
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Push Truck Appreciatiion Awards:
Wayne Carr, Chuck Hill,
Pete Pernisiglio, T.J. Sweeney,
Paul Luggelle, & Jack Giannini
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Perfect Attendance:
Peter Valeri, Mike Jarret, Tim Bertrand, Kevin Keeler, Glen Cabral,
& Kevin Park
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Ed Clotheir Rookie-of-the-Year:
Cory Cleary
By virtue of his record of six top-ten finishes, Cory Cleary was seventh in the final point standings and named the 2006 NEMA Rookie-of-the-Year.
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Mechanics of the Year:
Glen & Randy Cabral
The much-heralded father/son team shares this honor for 2006. Together the duo maintains and prepares a stable of competent racecars. At the garage at the family home, Randy and Glen are responsible for the Bertrand Motorsports entries and their family-owned racers.Their know-how and dedication have helped to produce competent and winning race teams.
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Wen Kelley Memorial:
Lu Jarret
Each year, the Wen Kelley Memorial is awarded to the member that displays outstanding dedication and service to NEMA. Lu Jarett has exemplified this through her unwavering support of the Club both at the events and in her behind the scenes capacity.
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Pat Thibodeau Youth and Determination Award:
Kevin Park
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"Never Say Die" Award:
Mike Luggelle
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Ray Roberts Memorial Award:
Jim O'Brien
(Accepted by Matt O'Brien)
The award is named for Ray Roberts, a long-time NEMA campaigner and Contest Board member. He was known for his reverence for the "little guy". The only thing little about this year’s award winner Jim O’Brien is his racing budget…not his heart, determination, or dedication.
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Joe Csiki Most Improved Driver:
Shane Hammond
For the second straight year, Shane has been recognized with this prestigious award. His steady improvement season-after-season has quietly placed Hammond among the contenders. He has turned valuable lessons into practical knowledge that has served him well as a driver. In 2006, he also found the consistency that had eluded him in previous seasons.
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5th Place Driver:
Shane Hammond
5th Place Owner:
Glen Cabral
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4th Place Driver:
Joey Payne
4th Place Owner:
Kevin Keeler
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3rd Place Driver:
Nokie Fornoro
3rd Place Owner:
Tim Bertrand
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2nd Place Driver:
Randy Cabral
2nd Place Owner:
Mike Jarret
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Johnny Thomson Memorial - • Ben Seitz
Ben Seitz was honored with Johnny Thomson Memorial Award for the 2006 season. For 46 years, a small group of NEMA members led by Bill Estabrook, Sr., Bill Estabrook Jr., Sam Weisberg, and Bruce Deane have helped keep the memory of Johnny Thomson alive and well with the annual presentation of the Johnny Thomson Memorial Award. Thomson of Lowell, MA is widely acknowledged as New England’s greatest open-cockpit racer. Seitz is quickly earning himself a reputation of greatness. This honor is bestowed as Seitz becomes only the third driver in NEMA history to win three consecutive driving championships. The 2006 season showed not only his skill but also Seitz’s maturity behind the wheel and his ability to handle pressure and adversity.

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Sponsor Appreciation Award:
Wirtgen America
(Bobby Seymour Accepting)
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Sponsor Appreciation Award:
Helping Hands of America
Mike Jarret
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Champion Driver:
Ben Seitz
Champion Owner:
Peter Valeri
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Champion's Jacket
from Hoosier Tire
Presented to
Ben Seitz
by Bobby Seymour
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The #4 Crew
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The Seitz Family
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The #4 Ladies
600-DSC_2518.jpg (132191 bytes)
The Valeri Family
600-DSC_7600.jpg (94080 bytes)
Ben Seitz, Peter Valeri, & Dave Humphrey

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