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Who We Are
The Northeastern Midget Association is the oldest pavement midget racing club in the Nation. Midgets are typically four cylinder, pure bred open wheel racecars. They do not use starters, flywheels or clutches. If it is bolted into a midget, it serves one of only two purposes: safety or speed. The mighty midgets of NEMA are that and more. With their nearly four hundred horsepower motors, large wings, and wide hoosier tires - the NEMA midgets are the fastest asphalt midgets in the world.

NEMA is committed to a brand that entertains fans with side by side and many times three wide racing at speeds not often seen on your local short tracks. At many of the tracks, where NEMA visits, track records are in jeopardy. Even with racing this close and very high speeds - more than half of NEMA's recent features have had only one caution or less, often leaving the fans wanting more!

And more it is! The NEMA Lites are NEMA's second show on the card. They are similar in appearance to the traditional midgets but thats where it ends. They are "Lite" on power and more importantly "Lite" on the wallet, compared to a full size midget. Although they may be just a touch slower than their big brother, they are usually still as fast as most local tracks' top divisions.

The Lite mainly run 180 horse power Ford Focus motors with clutches and starters. Originally formed as a stepping stone to the big cars the lower cost has attracted a melting pot of racers from all over the North East and has become a permanent home for many racers of all types. Whether it is a youngster taking advantage of NEMA's youth development program, A veteran whose race budget falls short of the big cars, or just someone who loves midget racing and is more comfortable with the slower speeds, they can be found in the Lites.

NEMA is committed to keeping the cost down and the competition even in this division making for some awesome wheel to wheel racing.

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