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The 1st Annual
Shane Hammond Memorial Race

NEMA Feature - Waterford - Sat. July 24th
Pos. # Driver Hometown Owner
1 45 Russ Stoehr Bridgewater, MA Dumo's Desire Racing
2 26b Greg Stoehr Bridgewater, MA Greg Stoehr
3 47 Randy Cabral Plymouth, MA Tim Bertrand
4 75 Chris deRitis Philadelphia, PA Ciconni/deRitis
5 9 John Zych, Jr. Liverpool, NY John Zych, Sr.
6 A1 Jeff Horn Ashland, MA Jeff Horn
7 4 Anthony Nocella Woburn, MA Bobby Seymour
8 44 Erica Santos Franklin, MA Ed Breault
9 93x Mike Horn  Ashland, MA   Jeff Horn  
10 50 Pete Pernisiglio, Jr. Ronkonkoma, NY Pete Pernisiglio,Sr
11 30 Paul Scally Raynham, MA Paul Scally
12 7ny Adam Cantor Dix Hills, NY Cantor Racing
13 16  Matt O'Brien Wilmington, MA Jim O'Brien
8 Barry Kittredge Marlboro, MA Barry Kittredge
2 Lee Bundy Kennebunkport, ME Lee Bundy
3m Jim Miller Weymouth, MA Jim Miller
78 Brian Cleveland Billerica, MA Linda Cleveland
35 Anthony Marvuglio E. Bridgewater, MA Glen Cabral

Russ Wins Stoehr Battle
at Hammond Memorial
Waterford, CT – Russ Stoehr passed brother Greg on a restart with 13 laps remaining and went on to win Saturday night’s Northeastern Midget Association’s inaugural Shane Hammond Memorial at Waterford Speedbowl.

Emotion ruled as the brothers dominated the race memorializing Hammond who died at Thompson Speedway in 2008.

“The car (Dumo’s Desire #45) was wicked good on the outside. I knew we could pull it off,” Russ said of the winning move. He was actually battling Chris deRitis (deRitis #75) for second several car lengths behind Greg (Stoehr #26b) when the yellow flew.

Randy Cabral (Bertrand #47) filled out the podium after a late battle with deRitis. Early leader John Zych Jr. (Zych #9) claimed fifth.

Starting 14th, Cabral did win the Lites feature, taking over with 6 laps remaining from eventual runner up Chris Haskell.

“Russ just got the jump on me big time,” said Greg. “I’ve learned a lot from him but I guess he hasn’t taught me everything.”

Only a third yellow with seven left delayed Russ’ run. He had no trouble getting away, leaving Greg in a brief battle with Cabral.

“I knew Randy was there,” said Greg. “One thing Russ taught me, when they’re taking pictures in the corner, when you see the flash, you know somebody’s close. I was still trying to catch Russ.”

It was the first time since 1994 the brothers finished one-two, Greg the winner at Thompson. “We got it right this time,’ said Russ after his 41st career win.

Greg, who started third, took command from pole sitter Zych on a lap two restart. Although he opened up a half-straightaway lead and was running 13.065 laps, Greg knew “one of them, Russ or Randy would be coming.”

Russ, who started seventh, moved forward. “I was able to take a couple turns out of the weight jacker,” he explained. Still, he admitted, “I wasn’t going to catch Greg without the caution.”

Deb Marvuglio’s effort was extraordinary. Hammond’s mother, she had everything covered including lap money, making it a truly memorable and emotional event.
Russ Stoehr told the media Hammond’s death at the 2008 Thompson World Series “was one of the saddest days I’ve ever spent at the race track.” It was the first win for the Dumo’s Desire team since the death of owner Gene Angelillo in March. “Hopefully this gets the monkey off our back,” added Russ who gave Angelillo his final win at Waterford last season.
Greg Stoehr had the fastest lap, a 13.032 which works out to 103 mph.
Cabral put the perfect ending on the evening, the Lites winner asking the crowd to yell out Shane’s name. The crowd responded.
Lites Feature - Waterford - Sat. July 24th
Pos. # Driver Hometown Owner
1 4 Randy Cabral Plymouth, MA Bobby Seymour/
Paul Scally
2 20 Chris Haskell S. Hampton, MA Andy Shlatz
3 48 Todd Bertrand Suffield, CT Tim Bertrand
4 12 Eddie LeClerc Jr. Taunton, MA Eddie LeClerc Sr.
5 99 Jim Santa Maria Burlington, CT Susan Santa Maria
6 45 Joey Mucciacciaro Wolcott, CT Frank Mucciacciaro
7 81 Andy Barrows New Ipswich, NH Bobby Seymour
8 1 Bethany Viets Manchester, CT Charles Gunther
9 50 Carl Medeiros, Jr. Westport, MA Carl Medeiros
10 13 Ryan Bigelow E. Hampton, CT Randy Bigelow
11 93 Jake Smith Stroudsburg, PA Ted Smith
12 52 Kevin Park Foxboro, MA Kevin Park
13 31 Paul Bigelow Berlin, CT Randy Bigelow
14 00 Lanson Fornoro Stroudsburg, PA Paul Luggelle
15 47 Jay Diamond Plymouth, MA Glen Cabral
28 Paul Luggelle Holbrook, MA Paul Luggelle
36 Tom Fox Plainville, CT Glen Cabral
18 David Moniz Fairhaven, MA David Moniz
Randy Cabral Scores Hammond Memorial Lites Feature at Speedbowl
(WATERFORD, CT.) Randy Cabral won the Northeastern Midget Association’s Shane Hammond Memorial Lites feature at the Waterford Speedbowl on Saturday evening.

Coming from deep in the field, Cabral passed early leader Chris Haskell with six laps remaining to capture his first Lites victory of the season.

The race included a handful of cautions and a red flag period when Tom Fox spun coming out of the second-turn and was violently collected by David Moniz. Both drivers were uninjured.

Once in command, Cabral stretched his lead winning the event far ahead of runner-up Haskell.

“The car was perfect,” stated Cabral in victory lane. “We put four new tires on tonight for the first time this season. That, along with the guys getting the set-up just-right, made it easy to drive. I’m just glad to get my first Lites win this year. This one was extra-special as Shane was a very-close friend. It just means so-much, it’s hard to put it into words. I really wanted to win for Shane and his family.”

Second-place Haskell was not unsatisfied with his finish. “Like always, Randy just seemed to come out of nowhere. He’s a great racer and running with him tonight was fun as-always,” he said. “We had a great car tonight, but Randy’s was a tad-better.”

Rounding-out the top-3 was Todd Bertrand. “I’m happy the car is in one-piece tonight as there were a lot of close-calls,” stated Bertrand whose last Lites feature win came at Monadnock in May. “This was an important race for our series honoring Shane’s memory, and it’s great to see how many fans came out to watch us tonight.”

Eric LeClerc and Jim SantaMaria completed the top-5.

The NEMA Lites Series next sees action at Winchester, New Hampshire’s Monadnock Speedway on Saturday July 31. 
NEMA To Host Memorial Race to Celebrate
The Life of Shane Hammond
 Brockton, MA  -   The North East Midget Association, in conjunction with the Shane Hammond Believe Foundation, is proud to announce the first annual Shane Hammond Memorial race at Waterford Speedbowl on Saturday, July 24th to celebrate the life of the 27 year old racer, who was killed in April of 2008 on lap three of Thompson International Speedway's Icebreaker.

The Shane Hammond foundation was founded after Hammond’s tragic and untimely death at the Thompson Speedway Icebreaker in April of 2008. Deb Marvuglio, Hammond’s mother, and the driving force behind the Foundation, started the effort with two primary concepts in mind – first to assist drivers wishing to learn the ranks of Open Wheel racing through a proper learning experience, and second – to invest in the safety of today’s Open Wheel racers.

"It was too early for me, until this point, to be able to handle a Memorial race," said Hammond's mother, Deb Marvuglio. "However, now seems like the right time, and we're very excited to put together a race to celebrate Shane's life. It should be a great day for all involved."

The day will start with practice, followed by 10 lap heat races - inclusive of prize money, incentive points to attend the event and a 27 lap feature event, for a total of 37 laps, celebrating Hammond's #37G. The Club will also host a picnic for all racers and those involved in the event immediately after the race ends that evening to provide for the celebration and commemoration of Hammond's life.

"Waterford is the ideal place to host this race," said NEMA President Mike Scrivani. "Not many people realize this, but July 24th at Waterford Speedbowl was actually the same date and race track where Shane ran his first midget race."

NEMA has also generated a number of featured sponsors for the event and would like to thank all of them including:
 Circle Performance
Motor Cars International
Crown Collision
Bertrand Motorsports
Mike & Lu Jarrett
Thompson International Speedway
Ancient Art Studios
Atlantic Trophy
Tom O'Brien Hyundai

More information will be found on the event over the next two weeks here and on

We still have space available for corporate sponsors and individuals. We are selling laps for as little as $20.00. You can choose a lap and the leader on that lap gets an extra 20.00
or you can pick a position or both.

Shane Hammond Memorial Race
(Sponsor at $50 per award)
NEMA Hard Charger - TJ Co. / Bobby Webber 
> Anthony Nocella #4
LITES Hard Charger - Mike's Automotive Randolph MA 781-307-6777
> Todd Bertrand #48
NEMA Hard Luck - Bill Roberts
> Jim Miller #3m
LITES Hard Luck - Kevin Park
> David Moniz #18
NEMA Longest Tow - Jeff Horn
> Chris deRitis #75
LITES Longest Tow -
> Jake Smith #93
NEMA Shane Hammond Underdog Award - SHBF
> Brian Cleveland #78
LITES Shane Hammond Underdog Award - SHBF
> Carl Medieros Jr. #50

Shane Hammond Memorial Race
1 Position 3 - Rev. Don - RWJM  > Greg Stoehr #26b
Position 4 - Scott Law  > Chris de Ritis #75
Position 5 - Scott Law  > Erica Santos #44
2 Leader - Bob Englehart  > John Zych Jr. #9
3 Leader - The Leonards  > Greg Stoehr #26b
4 Leader - In Memory of Gene  > Greg Stoehr #26b
Position 4 - Lu Jarret
5 Leader - In Memory of Gene  > Greg Stoehr #26b
6 Position 6 - Cynthia Tebbets  > Erica Santos #44
7 Position 7 - The Turner Family  > Adam Cantor #7ny
8 Position 4 - Lu Jarret   > John Zych Jr. #9
9 Leader - Pete Zanardi - In Memory of Gene  > Greg Stoehr #26b
Position 9 - JZ Motorsports  > Jim Miller #3m
10 Position 5 - Erica Santos  > Randy Cabral #47
Position 10 - Erica Santos  > Anthony Nocella #4
11 Position 3 - Rev. Don - RWJM  > Chris de Ritis #75
12 Position 4 - Lu Jarret  > John Zych Jr. #9
13 Leader - Mikey Ordway  > Greg Stoehr #26b
14 Last Position - Jenn Jaffries  > Matt O.Brien #16
15 Leader - Chris Romano - In Memory of Marilyn 
> Russ Stoehr #45
16 Leader - Jim O'Brien & Sons Engineering  > Russ Stoehr #45
Position 4 - Lu Jarret  > John Zych Jr. #9
Position 16 - Jim O'Brien & Sons Engineering 
> Adam Cantor #7ny
17 Leader -  Lauren & Ben Seitz  > Russ Stoehr #45
18 Leader -  Tim Bennet  > Russ Stoehr #45
19 Leader -  Jessica Ordway  > Russ Stoehr #45
Position 9 - JZ Motorsports  > Mike Horn #93
20 Position 4 - Lu Jarret   > Randy Cabral #47
21 Leader - Iron Mike  > Russ Stoehr #45
Postition 21 - The Martino Family  > Matt O.Brien #16
22 Leader - Iron Scrinavi  > Russ Stoehr #45
23 Leader -  Gino Difilippo Jr. -  > Russ Stoehr #45
24 Leader -  Gino Difilippo Jr. -  > Russ Stoehr #45
25 Leader -  Gino Difilippo Jr. -  > Russ Stoehr #45
26 Leader -  Gino Difilippo Jr. -  > Russ Stoehr #45
27 Leader -  Gino Difilippo Jr. -  > Russ Stoehr #45
Last Position - Rick & Linda Rodenbaugh  > Matt O.Brien #16

1 Jeff Horn   > Russ Stoehr #45
2 Bobby Seymour  > Greg Stoehr #26b
3 Jay & Corinne   > Randy Cabral #47
4 T. Moreshead Landscaping - Seekonk - 508-399-5399
> Chris de Ritis #75
5 -
6 Bentley Warren  > Jeff Horn #A1
7 The Turner Family  > Anthony Nocella #4
8 Jay & Corinne  > Erica Santos #44
9 Bobby Seymour  > Mike Horn #93
10 -
11 T. Moreshead Landscaping - Seekonk - 508-399-5399
Jim Rosenfield Trucking  > Paul Scally #30
12 -
13 -
14 1450 WNBP Radio – Pete Falconi  > Barry Kittredge #8
15 Doug, Linda & Lindsay Cleveland  > Lee Bundy #2
16 -
17 -
18 -
19 -
20 -
21 The Martino Family  > Jim Miller #3m
- Final 2 Finishing Positions
- Ed Holewick in Memory of Little Ed
 > Adam Cantor #7ny   > Matt O.Brien #16

Shane Hammond Memorial Race
1 Leader - The Turner Family  > Paul Bigelow #31
2 Position 2 - PatBRacer  > Andy Barrows #81
3 Position 7 - BUG  > Joey  Mucciacciaro #45
4 Position 7 - Norm Marx  > Paul Luggelle #28
5 Position 5 - The Martino Family  > Eddie LeClerc Jr. #12
6 Position 8 - Bentley Warren  > Kevin Park #52
7 Position 7 - PatBRacer  > Paul Luggelle #28
8 Leader - Lee Gerbe  > Jay Diamond #47
9 Leader - Breault Roofing - New Bedford - 508-995-3047
> Chris Haskell #20
10 Position 10 - PatBRacer  > Carl Medeiros Jr. #50
11 Position 9 - PatBRacer  > Kevin Park #52
12 Position 10 - The Martina Family  > Stephanie Viets #1
13 Position 3 - Lee Gerbe   > Eddie LeClerc Jr. #12
14 Position 14 - Lee Gerbe  > Lanson Fornoro #00
15 Position 4 - Kevin Park  > Andy Barrows #81
16 Position 16 - Lee Gerbe  > Kevin Park #52
17 Position 6 - Bentley Warren  > Jim Santa Maria #99
18 Position 7 - Bentley Warren  > Joey  Mucciacciaro #45
19 Position 8 - Bentley Warren  > Stephanie Viets #1
20 Position 10 - Mike Horn  > Ryan Bigelow #13
21 Leader - Breault Roofing - New Bedford - 508-995-3047
> Randy Cabral #4
22 Position 10 - Mike's Automotive Randolph MA 781-307-6777
> Ryan Bigelow #13
23 Position 11 - Mike's Automotive Randolph MA 781-307-6777
> Jake Smith #93
24 Position 9 - Erin Dimond Murray  > Carl Medeiros Jr. #50
25 Position 4 - Mike's Automotive Randolph MA 781-307-6777
> Todd Bertrand #48
26 Position 12 - Mike's Automotive Randolph MA 781-307-6777
> Ryan Bigelow #13
27 1st with a Quad 4 - Iron Mike  > Kevin Park #52

1 -
2 Bobby Seymour   > Chris Haskell #20 
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 Bobby Seymour  > Carl Medeiros Jr. #50
10 -
11 -
12 -
13 -
14 1450 WNBP Radio – Pete Falconi   > Lanson Fornoro #00
15 -
16 -
17 The Turner Family   > Tom Fox #36
18 Bob Blanchette  > David Moniz #18
Randy Cabral's Win at Waterford on 4/13/08 - for Shane
Hammond Memorial At Speedbowl
Brockton, MA – He rose skyward, both arms extended, both hands pointing up . It seemed Randy Cabral, who had just won the first race following his best friend Shane Hammond’s death, was being pulled by some supernatural force.

It is hard to recall a more emotional Northeastern Midget Association result than Cabral’s triumph at Waterford Speedbowl on that wet Sunday in 2008. It came exactly a week after Hammond perished at Thompson Speedway.

It remains a classic photo, testimony to the bond between fellow warriors who were also best friends.

Emotions will be evident again Saturday night, July 24th, for the inaugural Shane Hammond Memorial Race. A number of financial incentives await what is expected to be an impressive field.

The NEMA Lites will help in the celebration as well.

Certainly the streaking Cabral would put a win atop his already incredible list of checkereds. It is at Waterford, a facility many believe to be the premier Midget facility in the East. Nobody in NEMA’s long history has won more at Waterford than Cabral. Bertrand Motorsports has been one of the most successful owners at the ‘Bowl.

Win or lose, however, Cabral knows a great battle would be the perfect tribute to Hammond.

Honoring a fallen warrior by doing well is the motivation in such events. Chris Leonard, a winner earlier this year at Waterford, heads up the entries. It includes Adam Cantor, Russ and Greg Stoehr, Chris DeRitis, Erica Santos, Jeff Abold, Jim Miller, Jeff and Mike Horn, Will and Aaron Wall, Barry Kittridge and John Zych Jr., all friends with the always smiling Hammond.

The 2004 Rookie of the year, Hammond actually made his midget debut at Waterford.

Back in 2008, Cabral asked the crowd to yell out Shane’s name. It responded, Hammond’s mom Deb Marvuglio hearing it all on her cellphone.

“Now is the right time to have a memorial race for Shane,” says Marvuglio.

Wednesday, July 28th

Saturday, July 24th

‘Coming Home’ Ovals Next For NEMA
Brockton, MA – “Going home” is the way many Northeastern Midget Association competitors feel about Seekonk Speedway and the Waterford Speedbowl. There’s good reason.

The two historic ovals hosted the first two NEMA events on May 30 and 31 back in 1953. Since then over 160 NEMA features have been run at the two facilities.

“There are not a lot of secrets left at either place,” explains Greg Stoehr, one of five active drivers who have won at both tracks.

The SHOWDOWN OF CHAMPIONS - ten superstars doing battle in NEMA Lite cars - is a featured part of the Seekonk agenda. EVENT PAGE HERE

The FIRST ANNUAL SHANE HAMMOND MEMORIAL RACE runs at Waterford Speedbowl on Saturday, July 24th to celebrate the life of the 27 year old racer, who was killed in April of 2008 on lap three of Thompson International Speedway's Icebreaker. EVENT PAGE HERE with Lap and
Finishing Position Sponsor Boards

Two-time defending champion and current point leader Randy Cabral comes to Seekonk seeking a third straight victory. Among active drivers, Cabral is the win leader at both tracks – eight at Waterford, six at Seekonk

Other championship contenders including Russ and Greg Stoehr and Adam Cantor come geared up to reign in the streaking Cabral and the Bertrand Racing team.

Jeff Horn joins Cabral, both Stoehrs and Cantor on the list of active drivers who have won at both tracks.

Called the “ultimate momentum track,” top times are in the high 10 seconds at Seekonk. Cabral, Cantor and young Jeff Abold were Seekonk winners in 2010, the latter clearly a favorite driving a car built jointly by the Abold and Seymour families.

“It seems everybody always runs their best at Waterford,” says Russ Stoehr, a winner there last year as was Cantor. “Getting to the front quickly is key.”Jim Miller, coming off an extraordinary run at Stafford, and Barry Kittredge, who was strong at Lee earlier, both have won at Waterford
NEMA Looks Back at Waterford Speedbowl
Nokie Fornoro’s win at Waterford Speedbowl on Aug. 22, 1981 was his third straight win and the eighth in nine races in the Scrivani #22. From the left, Jackie Parker, Mike Scrivani Sr., Greg Snow, Jimmy Susi and starter Frank Scambato joined Nokie in Victory Lane.

Mike Favulli and Johnny Coy chased Fornoro home. Nokie won the next three races equaling the standard for straight victories – 6 – established by Joe Csiki in 1963.

Part of club since its inception in 1953, the Speedbowl will host it 82nd NEMA race on Saturday, July 24.

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