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John Zych Jr. & Sr.
Although they were after a third Northeastern Midget Association championship, John Zych Jr. and his car-owner/father John, were "defenders" for the first time in 2016. They were successful, the Mendon, MA team adding championship hardware to that collected in 2013 and 2015.

It didn't end the way Zych would have liked. A Pro-Four accident kept Randy Cabral out of the NEMA feature in the season finale at Waterford. Cabral had a slim point lead going into the race. "Obviously, it was unfortunate for Randy and [car owner] Tim Bertrand," Zych says. "You don't ever want to see that happen. You would prefer to battle it out on the race track."

Both former high school and college athletes, the father-son duo had eight top-five finishes including three wins in 2016. John bested Cabral by 55 points and John Sr. finished 11 in front of Bertrand. Cabral/Bertrand also won three times.

Zych and his father went into the campaign with defending the title the objective. "You are on top and you don't want anybody to take it away," he said in a pre-season story. "You want to prove something by maintaining the spot." He now adds, "going into the last race with the championship a possibility is the mark of a successful season." That has happened in three of the last four seasons for the Zychs, 2014 being the exception when business commitments resulted in some missed races.

Consistency, he maintains, is the major ingredient in a championship and he credits his father with not having a dnf over the last two seasons.

Over the past five seasons the No. 9 team has won 12 features starting with the season-opener at Waterford Speedbowl in 2012. It all started with a couple seasons at Whip City. He was the 2005 750cc Rookie of the Year and scored his first win in 2006. Then came five years of "paying their NEMA dues" in a car bought from the Stoehr family. "Paying your dues is important," Zych says. "People spend a lot of money and expect to win right away. That doesn't happen a lot. It takes time to get the set ups just right."

It was the purchase of a '99 Drinan chassis from Bertrand that turned things around. Zych points out the car came "with an extensive notebook" that has been a major factor in the success. It is ironic, perhaps, because the Zych-Cabral/Bertrand rivalry has become the face of NEMA.
While he doesn't like the word "rivalry" (he prefers "friendly racing") he understands why some see it that way. "Randy is a great racer, one of the best ever, with a great car owner," Zych says. "We finish close to each other frequently. Randy and Tim have a lot of titles (the last in 2014) and a lot of wins. The championships we have won, if we had not won them, they would have." Seventeen of Cabral's 49 NEMA wins have come in the last five years.

Zych, however, is not convinced that the spotlight should be totally on Cabral and himself. NEMA, in fact, had five other winners - Seth Carlson, Jim Chambers, Doug Coby, Avery Stoehr and Todd Bertrand - in 2016 and others like Bethany Stoehr, Dan Cugini and Ryan Bigelow are not strangers to Victory Circle.

"We were fast everywhere we went and that includes some new records," Zych points out. Among the new standards, is his 13.040 lap at Maine's Wiscasset Speedway. He expects that to continue in 2017.

A sales executive for the Hershey Company, John, 33, and wife Elizabeth have two daughters, Brooklyn and Anna.

2016 Driver Points: 1. John Zych Jr. 1754; 2. Randy Cabral 1699; 3. Avery Stoehr 1649; 4. Seth Carlson 1635; 5. Jim Chambers 1563; 6. Paul Scally 1380; 7. Todd Bertrand 1279; 8. Bethany Stoehr 976; 9. Dan Cugini 815; 10. Alan Chambers 730.

2016 Owner Points: 1. #9 John Zych Sr. 1754; 2. #47 Tim Bertrand 1743; 3. #15a Russ Stoehr 1646; 4. #71 Gene Feigel 1635; 5. #21 Mike Chambers 1563; 6. #30 Paul Scally 1380; 7. #74 Tim Bertrand 1181; 8. #39 Todd Bertrand 1099; 9. # 5a Greg Stoehr 976; 10. #51 Dan Cugini 815.
Jim Chambers
Jim Chambers had four wins en route to the 2016 Northeastern Midget Association Lites championship. It was the first one, way back on May 21 at Star Speedway that was the most important. The second event of the year, it came a month after Chambers was involved in a crash at Thompson Speedway.

"A major win," says the Atkinson, NH resident. "There was a month to think about the crash, first wondering if the car could be rebuilt and then watching the check book empty as the rebuilding continued. Then the win at one of the places I think of as my home track. Now you are back in it, not thinking about the crash anymore. It was definitely a confidence booster."

The rest of the way Chambers was out of the top five only once. He capped off the season with a victory in the season finale at Waterford, winning both the driver and owner titles. The other checkereds: another win at Star and the prestigious Boston Louie at Seekonk.

Echoing the well-used "championships are won in the garage," Chambers credits his crew, especially his father Mike, for the consistency. "We had four cars in the garage," he adds.

An auctioneer by trade, Chambers, 29, like brother, Alan, did double-duty this season, competing in NEMA and the Lites. In his fourth full season in NEMA he was fifth in points with a win at Monadnock. He won at Groveton 2015 en route to a fourth place in the final standings.

On nights when NEMA and the Lites run together, Chambers puts down about 100 laps, which, he declares "is tough on the arms." He usually winds up with a "helmet full of sweat" but the resulting "seat time" is worth it."

He says Randy Cabral, who had driven both divisions since 2008, was the motivation. "You go into the second feature, your adrenalin is already under control," he says. "You are already in the zone. It really helped this season, our best one yet."

While the power of the NEMA cars excites him, he appreciates the Lites as "a fun division for a driver. Because of the rules, everybody has the same power. There are bigger car counts which means more passing and there are different people. You are always learning."

Chambers is no stranger to crashes. He has some five years to think about a crash in a PASS event at Star late in the 2008 season. He and Alan had impressive statistics as quarter midget racers and spent some time with the 350 Supermodifieds before joining PASS in 2007.

Following the crash, he didn't get in a race car again until the final two Lites events of 2012. He finished fifth and second in a car usually driven by Alan who had won in it earlier. He was back fulltime in 2013. The double duty started in 2015 when he made 11 Lites starts.

There is no reason to slow down although there will be one less car in the garage next season - three Beast chassis. In addition to Chambers' Esslinger-powered NEMA and Focus-powered Lites machine, they'll be Alan's car which has a MOPAR motor.

Driver Points: 1. Jim Chambers 2122; 2. P.J. Stergois 2005; 3. Dan Cugini 1825; 4. Anthony Payne 1708; 5. Randy Cabral 1626; 6. Paul Scally 1430; 7. Jim Cataldo 1377; 8. Ben Mikitarian 1377; 9. Megan Cugini 1268; Ryan Locke 1238.

Owner Points: 1. #12 Jim Chambers 2108; 2. #21 Mike Scrivani Jr. 1842; 3. #51 Dan Cugini 1825; 4. #35 Glen Cabral 1680; 5. #30 Paul Scally 1430; 6. #9 John Mikitarian 1372; 7. #38 Ken Locke 1360; 8. #11Bill Stergois 1337; 9. #41 Glen Cugini 1269; 10. #2 Jim Cataldo 1211.
Photos by John DaDalt
At the NEAR Hall of Fame Banquet on Sunday, November 13 at Maneeley's Banquet Hall in South Windsor, CT, Nokie Fornoro was inducted into the NEAR Hall of Fame by Mike Scrivani. Nokie also received the plaque for the NEMA Hall of Fame Award from a few years back.
NEAR Hall Tabs Trio of Veterans
Fred Meeker winner of 1st NEMA race
The New England Auto Racing Hall of Fame's veterans' committee covered a half century in selecting the Stanley Brothers, John Burgess and Fred Meeker. All deceased, they will be inducted at the NEAR Hall of Fame Banquet Sunday, Nov. 13 at Maneeley's Banquet Hall in South Windsor, CT.

Maine natives Francis and Freelan Stanley not only produced one of the country's most famous automobiles, the Stanley Steamer, they built some of its first race cars. Boston-bred and educated, Burgess' prowess as a builder, businessman and promoter sent New England off in a new direction in the 1930s. Norwalk, CT's Meeker was an accomplished Midget driver in the post-World II era, twice winning national NASCAR championships.

They join broadcaster Jack Arute and championship drivers Ken Bouchard, Ricky Craven, Nokie Fornoro, the late George "Moose" Hewitt, Dwight Jarvis, Randy LaJoie and Jerry Marquis in the NEAR's Class of 2016.

Ticket information and order forms are on the NEAR website (

Burgess moved from driving in Outlaw, AAA and IMCA action in the 1920s to building and marketing race cars and parts in the 1930s. He promoted races as well and is credited with being a key to bringing the Midgets to central New England. Trained as a naval architect, he was a noted racing artist as well.

The 1955 and '56 NASCAR titles capped off Meeker's career which started at drivers' schools at Candlelight Stadium (Bridgeport, CT) and West Springfield, MA after World War II. He was a definite force in the busy Midget wars driving for Fred Kernan. Among his laurels, he won the first-ever Northeastern Midget Association race in 1953.

Francis and Freelan Stanley's "Stanley Rocket" set the racing world ablaze more than a century ago - 1906 to exact - when he hit 127.66 mph on the Ormond Beach, FL sand. It was the highpoint of their brief but accomplished venture taking on all comers in automotive competition. The cars were built in Newton, MA.

Still to be announced is the winner of the Mitchell/Ratta media award.
Nokie Fornoro NEAR Hall of Famer
Nick "Nokie" Fornoro Jr., the 1981 champion and the holder of fifth place on the Northeastern Midget Association's all-time win list, is one of eight elected to the New England Auto Racing Hall of Fame. Fornoro, who won 45 NEMA sanctioned features, will join his father Nick and brother Drew in the NEAR Hall.

Broadcaster Jack Arute and drivers Ken Bouchard, Ricky Craven, the late George "Moose" Hewitt, Dwight Jarvis, Randy LaJoie and Jerry Marquis join Fornoro in the NEAR Hall's Class of 2016. They will be inducted on Sunday, Nov. 13 at Maneeley's Banquet Hall in South Windsor, CT.

Ticket information and order forms will be on the NEAR website (

Fornoro won the last Midget race he drove at Thompson Speedway's World Series in 2009 in the Jaret #4. It was his 110th Midget victory, a startling statistic rivaled only by his 11 championships including six in ARDC. The win total includes his first NEMA checkered driving for Mike Scrivani Sr. at Hudson Speedway in 1980 and two Night Before The 500 wins with Jim Reider at Indianapolis Raceway Park.

Born in Danbury, CT, Fornoro shares NEMA's consecutive win record, grabbing six in a row during the championship year when he and Scrivani won ten of 21 races. Fellow Hall of Fame Joe Csiki also had six straight NEMA wins.

Fornoro, equally proficient on dirt and asphalt, was a winner in TQ Midgets, Mini-Modifieds, Supermodifieds and Sprint Cars. Another startling stat - he has won on 57 different tracks including a dozen in NEMA.

NEAR's Class of '16 includes hundreds of wins and dozens of championships including two Busch titles for LaJoie and a national Modified crown for Marquis. Craven and Bouchard were both Winston Cups Rookies of the year, Craven wining on the Busch and truck circuits as well. Jarvis and Hewitt, 23 titles between them, were short track masters.

Others in the NEAR Hall with NEMA connections are Gene Angelillo, Chuck Arnold, Burt Brooks, Ray Brown, Joe Csiki, Bill Eldridge, Frank Ferrara, Drew Fornoro, Dave Humphrey, Johnny Kay, Wen Kelly, Rollie Lindblad, John McCarthy, George Monsen, Al Pillion, Billy Randall, Marvin Rifchin, Mike Scrivani Sr., Louie Seymour, Hank Stevens, Ed Stone and Bentley Warren.
Mario Joseph Barreira

Father of Linda Cleveland, NEMA scorer and car owner.

Arrangements at Tighe Hamilton Funeral Home
Hudson, MA
Wake on Sunday 10/2 - 5 to 8 PM Info
NEMA President Stoehr
Looking Forward to 2016
Second term NEMA President Russ Stoehr is looking forward to 2016, and for good reason. NEMA came off a very strong finish to the season, with exceptional car counts at the New-London Waterford Speedbowl and Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. One of New England's mainstay touring series, the Northeastern Midget Association boasts of a fifteen race docket for 2016.

"We've got 52 cars registered between the Lites and NEMA, more than we have had in many years," said President, Stoehr. "I am super excited to have been able to forge 4 strong relationships with tracks that clearly are on the upswing - Thompson will host the midgets at all 4 tour events this year, Waterford will have midget races on 5 dates and we will be back at Star 3 times. Wiscassett also will host the midgets twice the fans there are among the most receptive we have had the pleasure of racing before all season. All the facilities have different challenges for drivers and crews," he went on to say.

NEMA started the year with its Lites competitors showcasing their hard work over the winter at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park's ICEBREAKER. Danny Cugini took down an impressive victory over PJ Stergios and last year's champion Anthony Payne.

The club will host its annual Test & Tune and Rookie Orientation at the New-London Waterford Speedbowl on Sunday, May 1, and then open its NEMA competition schedule at Bob & Bobby Webber's Star Speedway on May 21st followed by the inaugural Allan Cantor Memorial the following weekend at Riverhead Raceway. It will be NEMA's first race at Riverhead in many years.

The schedule then moves on to the New-London Waterford Speedbowl, followed by Wiscasset Speedway and Monadnock Speedway on June 4, June 11, and June 18 - for the Iron Mike Scrivani Memorial. The club then returns to action June 24th at Claremont Speedway, followed by the prestigious Boston Louie Memorial presented by MAV TV on June 29th.

July 9th, Star Speedway will play host to the annual Marvin Rifchin Memorial trophy race, and July concludes with NEMA's return to the revised Speedway 51 in Groveton, NH on July 30. August is packed with action, with a return to the New-London Waterford Speedbowl for Wings & Wheels on August 6th, followed by Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park on August 10th.

NEMA will remember charter family Gene & Marilyn Angelillo on August 20th at Star Speedway for the Angelillo Memorial, and concludes with races at Wiscasset, The Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park World Series of Racing and the New-London Waterford Speedbowl's Shane Hammond Memorial.

NEMA has also been busy in the off season with planning, ensuring they will put on the best possible show for promoters. "We are once again putting strong emphasis on speeding up the show. The push offs for NEMA have been greatly improved as well as the 4 abreast to '2 and go' is a big hit with fans and promoters. Also, the prerace meet and greets as well as fan of the week will be back. I feel fortunate to have a great race day staff great people with a strong love for midget racing," he said.

As far as his own racing goes, it is unlikely to see the elder Stoehr on the track this season. "As far as my own driving goes with the passing of Carl Kibbe, my intentions are to work with Avery. I've been on the fence for a bit and now the time is right to step away from driving. I've been fortunate to have a bunch of wins, championships and most importantly memories," he concluded.

There is no doubt that NEMA is on the upswing, and President Stoehr has a lot to look forward to.
NEMA's 1000th Race - Star Speedway - 8/23/14

Recognizing Some
NEMA Milestones

The Northeastern Midget Association will open the season at Star Speedway on May 21. It will be the 1018th point-paying race in the club's 63-year history.

Passing unheralded was the club's 1,000th race at Star Speedway on August 23, 2014. Randy Cabral was the winner, besting John Zych Jr. and Seth Carlson.

New England's oldest and most enduring touring division, NEMA was formed in the late spring of 1953 at the Thompson clubhouse. Fred Meeker was the first NEMA winner at Seekonk Speedway on May 30, 1953. New England Auto Racing Hall of Famer Bill Eldridge won the next afternoon at Waterford.

The NEMA Lites open at Thompson Speedway's Icebreaker on April 9. There have been 106 races for a division that started with an exhibition run at New London-Waterford in 2008. The 100th Lites race was won by Danny Cugini at Lee on July 17 of last year.

With two victories last year, Randy Cabral is now tied with Nokie Fornoro in fourth place on NEMA's all-time win list with 47. He has 16 seasons with a least one victory tying him with Bobby Seymour on that list. They have come consecutively, equaling a NEMA standard set by National Midget Hall of Famer Dave Humphrey. Most of Cabral's wins have come in Tim Bertrand's No. 47 but it all started when an upstart Cabral captured the 2000 Boston Louie in a family car.

Star Speedway, with 103 races going back to 1968, is the leader among tracks hosting NEMA events. Randy Cabral tops active NEMA competitors with four Star wins including three of the last four. John Zych Jr. has also won at Star.

NEMA is clearly one of the most competitive open cockpit divisions in the country. Over the past six years, there have been 23 different NEMA winners and in all but one of those seasons, at least one "first-timer" appeared. Over that span John Zych Jr., Todd Bertrand, Avery Stoehr and Seth Carlson have become top contenders. Danny Cugini and Jim Chambers were first time winners in 2015. Bertrand, Stoehr and Cugini are all products of the NEMA Lites. The Lites have had 20-different winners in the past three seasons, champion Anthony Payne and Megan Cugini among the 2015 first timers. Designed with competiveness in the forefront nine years ago, the Lites are a true success story.

Nominations are now being accepted for the New England Auto Racers Hall of Fame. The nomination form and procedure are available on the New England Antique Racers' website - Please disregard the posted deadlines.

Those with NEMA connections already enshrined are Gene Angelillo, Chuck Arnold, Burt Brooks, Ray Brown,Joe Csiki, Bill Eldridge, Frank Ferrara, Drew Fornoro, Dave Humphrey, Johnny Kay, Wen Kelly, Rollie Lindblad, John McCarthy, George Monsen, Al Pillion, Billy Randall, Marvin Rifchin, Mike Scrivani Sr., Louie Seymour, Hank Stevens, Ed Stone and Bentley Warren.

Anthony Payne Set For Next Step

There was the first victory, then the first championship and now the first defense of that championship. It's impressive stuff for a race driver who will turn 17 in April.

Anthony Payne begins the defense of his Northeastern Midget Association Lites title at Thompson Speedway's Icebreaker April 9. Back in the Scrivani No. 21 for the third season, the Fairlawn, NJ High student is ready for the 18-race schedule that will run into October.

Another title, especially in a Scrivani car, will fit nicely into Payne's plans. It's about "living up to family names" says the son of 2003 NEMA champion Joey Payne. He is "very proud" of being part of the heralded Scrivani Midget story. Many legendary drivers - Nokie Fornoro, Dave Humphrey, Jeff Gordon - have sat in Scrivani cars.

While being a second generation athlete is a challenge - "everybody knows who you are and ask a lot of questions"- Payne has handled it well. He expects a full midget ride will come soon.

The first win at Evans Mills, NY was key. "I felt more confident after that win," he says, "confident that I could win a championship. I won against adults in real race cars. And to win in a Scrivani car was really special. The No. 21 had not been in victory lane for a while."

A veteran of eight years in Quarter Midgets, Payne had nine top-fives in 15 starts a year ago including a second win at Waterford. He finished 41 points in front of Randy Cabral.

Winning a NEMA title means mastering a wide variety of tracks - from the 5/8ths Thompson to the quarter miles. Payne loves that challenge but admits he had a head start in achieving it.
"My dad was with me a lot last season," he explains. "He has pretty much raced on every track in the northeast. He had a lot of pointers, especially showing me the line at each track." Joey Payne has 21 NEMA victories, the last coming a year ago at Monadnock in Tim Bertrand's No. 74.

Still, if it hadn't been his father, it would have been someone else. "You have a problem, you have people willing to help," Payne continues. "You are running a little high or a little low or you're not getting off quick enough, somebody is willing to talk to you. NEMA has a real family atmosphere."

Being noticed is how he got the ride. Coming around with his dad a few years back, he was helping out in pits, working with several operations including the Ed Breault team. Long-time NEMA supporter and Scrivani confidant Mike Jarret noticed and brokered the ride in the No. 21.

Payne gave notice with things to come with a second at Waterford in 2014.

The NEMA Lites, usually a second to a second-and-a- half off the full midgets, are about to start their ninth season. It all started with an exhibition run at Waterford on April 12, 2008.

Zych Set to Defend NEMA Championship

John Zych Jr. has been a Northeastern Midget Association champion twice but he will be a defending champion for the first time in 2016.

"We didn't run a full season after the 2013 championship and we knew that going in," explains Zych, part of one of NEMA's many father-son operations. "We missed a race early in the year and that did it so we were not disappointed in not defending."

They head into this 16-race season, which begins May 21 at Star Speedway, with another mindset. "This is different," Zych says. "The first championship was kind of a surprise, kind of surreal. The second sort of solidifies we are not flashes in the pan."

Father and son have been at it since 2007 but it was the purchase of a '99 Drinan chassis that turned fortunes around; that has produced two championships and nine features including two last year. The first win was at Waterford in 2012. Five came in 2013.

Defending a title is another step. "You are on top and you don't want anybody to take it away," continues Zych, a former high and college basketball player. "You want to prove something by maintaining the spot." He is quick to point out, however, it is not an easy goal in a club that had nine winners in 2015.

There is one major change for 2016. An executive with the Hershey Company, Zych is now "office based" meaning more time first for the family (wife Elizabeth and daughters Brooklyn and Anna) and for the car.

Some things will not change. "Preparation will continue to be our strong point," Zych says, pointing out the No. 9 had no DNFs in 2015. "That is a rarity, especially in Midget racing and it is a credit to my father. He spends a lot of time on the car."

The main opposition will be the five-time champion Randy Cabral-Tim Bertrand team Zych has dethroned twice. "I really appreciate what they've done," Zych says. "Maybe because we run so close and frequently finish near each other people see a great rivalry. I don't feel that way. I enjoy racing against them."

Bertrand has been a major help in Zych's gaining the status they now have in NEMA. He and Cabral are among NEMA's all-time great owner/driver combos.

There's more than Cabral/Bertrand. Zych points to Cabral's teammate Todd Bertrand, Seth Carlson and youngster Avery Stoehr, all winners in 2016, as definite championship contenders.

They'll battle into October, the season ending at Waterford. Sixteen races is "about the right number" says Zych.

The variety of tracks NEMA visits, from the lightning-quick Thompson to the traditional bullrings including 2016 addition Riverhead, LI, remains a challenge for the "always learning" Zych. He believes being able to master them all is the mark of an accomplished driver. He, of course, has done that including winning on tracks on his first visit.

Now, it's about defending a championship.
from the whole NEMA family to
Bill VanSlyke on the loss of his wife
Theresa VanSlyke
Jeanne d'Arc Langevin
February 15, 2016

Mother of Lu Jarrett, NEMA sponsor, long-time
active member, and racecday secretary.

Arrangements at Fournier & Fournier Funeral Home
in Woonsocket, RI. Info
Hall of Fame Mermber Page at
Carl Kibbe was a fixture in the NEMA pits for over two decades, taking his first owner's championship in 1980. His partnership with the legendary Dave Humphrey at the wheel of the iconic Lindblad Badger produced many wins, and the Kibbe cockpit was occupied by some other great NEMA wheelmen, including Doug Cleveland, Paul Stoehr, and Jim Lowery, Jr. But it was Joey Coy who brought Carl three championships and further cemented the Kibbe team's reputation as the one to beat in the late 80's and early 90's.

When NEMA banned the Badger at the end of 1989 it wasn't easy for the family team. But Carl didn't let the banning of his championship car stop him. He and the family reinvested and won two more titles with Coy.

Carl always wore his heart on his sleeve; you knew exactly where you stood with him. He'd show emotion at winning a NEMA award just as easily as arguing for a rule change during a NEMA meeting. But in the end, he was always Carl, a stand up guy who'd help anyone.

It wasn't easy for Carl to give up owning a race car, but reinvesting in new equipment at the end of the championship runs of the 90's was getting harder to justify. Thankfully, that didn't stop him from showing up at NEMA races and working on race cars. He was a happy guy with a wrench in his hand.

As NEMA gears up for next season there won't be a soul in the pits who won't miss Carl's good humor, talent, and unabashed support for NEMA midget racing. Make no mistake, we lost one of the nice guys today. Our community is a little poorer without Carl, but no doubt he's bench racing with Gene Angelillo, Boston Louie Seymour, and Iron Mike Scrivani. He's taken his place among the NEMA legends.

Condolences to: Carl Kibbe, 68 Ben Brown Rd., Hope, RI 02831

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